‘Who Knew It Would Be Like This?’

It’s a busy shopping day in Aventura – but who knew you’d encounter all kinds of “adventurous” Aventura experiences before pushing your patience and credit card to the limit…

Who knew there would be such a long line? Obviously not the store manager who decided just one cashier would be sufficient to serve the crowd. But fortunately, upon noticing some customers were grabbing pillows and taking naps while waiting their turn, more checkout lanes miraculously opened and you were on your way – before needing a triple shot at Starbucks for “impatiently waiting” stamina.

Who knew they were so friendly? One of your favorite stores has many associates who have all graduated from a grueling Be Extra Friendly training obstacle course. So every time they see you, they loudly extend the cheerful greeting, “Hi! How are you?” It’s just a little annoying that they say this no matter how many times you pass them by during your visit.

Of course, we know they don’t have any hidden agendas when they also keep asking, “Did you find everything you were looking for?” Your answer will probably be “Yes” – unless you can’t find the coupons that enticed you to shop there in the first place!

Who knew you could afford it? First, you were turned down for a store credit card even though you could probably afford to buy the whole mall…Then, you accidentally forgot to pay for something and almost got arrested…

Next, when you were abandoned by a sales person who thought he knew your casual attire meant you weren’t the type to spend much, another very courteous and attentive colleague stepped in to help you purchase a lot of expensive furniture for your ritzy new home in Aventura. Who knew? You can’t always see the forest through the trees -unless you happen to be a lucky resident of Aventura – now proud to be a “Tree City USA” for the 15th consecutive year!

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