Your Unlimited Possibilities

Patricia-Frank_color2-200x300Sometimes there are pearls of wisdom in unexpected places. There is a Garfield cartoon that shows Garfield the cat and Odie the dog running towards a tree. The next thing you see is Garfield and Odie sitting on the tree branch. Their owner is looking up at them and says, “Odie! Dogs can’t climb trees!”

What would you accomplish if you didn’t know that you couldn’t do something?

What if the limitations in your life were all in your mind? Before you can accomplish the seemingly impossible, you have to believe that you can. You have to stop telling yourself why you cannot achieve. You have to stop making excuses or explanations to yourself and others. You have to proceed without any doubt in your mind. Are you willing to believe that literally, “The sky’s the limit”? Are you willing to act as if this is true?

Like a superhero, you have to believe that you can fly. You have to believe in yourself and your spirit and in your own super-human qualities. You have to believe in your own unique abilities and trust your inner sense of “knowing”. You have to proceed without fear or hesitation. Leap off the cliff and out of the nest and trust yourself and the Universe to support you.

Visualize yourself achieving what you desire. Keep it constantly in your mind’s eye. Believe it and most importantly, feel it. Focus on the outcome you desire. Do not worry about the means. The means will appear.

This knowledge about the lack of limitations can be liberating and inspiring or threatening and frightening. You may hold back because you are ignorant about the laws of accomplishment. You may be afraid of failure and the shame that brings. You may not want to appear foolish and presumptuous. You may be uncomfortable accepting responsibility for your life. You may uncomfortable if you cannot blame someone or something else or your circumstances or even fate. Dare

Patricia Frank is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305- 788-4864,

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