40 Weeks – the First of a Kind Documentary on Pregnancy – Premieres in Miami

CapturePregnancy changes a woman’s body and life instantly and every day. Director Christopher Henze wanted to find a movie that would support his pregnant and morning-sick wife, co-producer Dominique Debroux, with the community and information she was seeking but he could not find such a film. So he decided to make it. On January 8th, 40 Weeks, produced by Big Belli LLC, the unique documentary to bring the stories of a diverse group of families to the screen by following them through the weekly milestones of pregnancy, is premiering in Miami.

Big Belli’s mission, starting with the movie 40 Weeks, is to support women with virtual community and information to help them feel confident through their pregnancy and help them have the best possible outcomes. Dominique and Christopher are building a web portal, www.bigbelli.com , to continue offering filmed information and community beyond 40 Weeks the movie and help women know they are not alone in their journey.

The red carpet premiere will be held on January 8th at 6pm in the O Cinema Wynwood, located at 90 NW 29th Street Miami, FL 33127 (map).

Los Angeles Good Wife praises the movie for the pregnancy audience, “I’m so glad I saw this movie while pregnant with my first baby because it made me feel good knowing other women are going through the same changes I am and some are going through more difficult situations than me… can’t get over how perfect the film is for pregnant women – especially for first time moms like myself!”

Initially Big Belli will distribute the movie theatrically through a partnership with Gathr.us. This Theatrical On Demand® approach allows the audience to bring movies they like to their communities. This system is helping to bring more women centric movies to local theaters.

On www.bigbelliscreening.com you can find and reserve tickets for a local screening or sign up to host a post-premier screening in your town. 40 Weeks will also be available as a download through both the website and iTunes and on DVD, after March 1, 2015. To learn more, please visit https://www.40weeksthemovie.com/events/o-cinema-wynwood-40-weeks-movie-screening/ 

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