Association Law Group joins ranks of businesses moving to Brickell

Association Law Group joins ranks of businesses moving to BrickellAssociation Law Group joins ranks of businesses moving to Brickell

Association Law Group joins ranks of businesses moving to Brickell
Pictured are Ben Solomon (left) and Michael Furshman.

A fast-growing law firm, Association Law Group (ALG), has joined the ranks of leading businesses populating Downtown Miami’s Brickell neighborhood.

Association Law Group recently signed a lease for 10,000 square feet of initial space, with an option to expand, in the penthouse suite of 1200 Brickell Avenue.

This new office space was selected by ALG to provide ample room for its thriving law practice that represents over 500 condominiums and homeowner associations in more than 16 different counties throughout Florida as general counsel with a particular focus on the collection of past due assessments. Among other top clients in Miami, ALG represents condominiums including One Miami, Blue, Mosaic, Venetia, Latitude West, 1110 Brickell and the prestigious Bay Pointe Community.

In just five years, Association Law Group has grown from a two-person law practice to nationally recognized law firm with 15 attorneys and over 50 staff members. What is the secret to ALG’s success? Simply put, providing condominium and homeowner associations in Florida with exceptional, innovative legal representation.

ALG has helped countless associations throughout Florida recover from financial ruin by standing up to big banks and zealously fighting for past due maintenance fees to help associations get back on track after the shock of the real estate crisis.

In fact, ALG conceptualized an array of new legal tools to help struggling associations, including the Mortgage Terminator, which was applauded in Florida and across the U.S. Specifically, the Mortgage Terminator was created by ALG to help address the problematic situation facing associations when banks stall their foreclosure actions to avoid paying back maintenance fees. These are fees associations need to keep the buildings up and running.

ALG took these big banks to court and forced them into a legal ultimatum of either immediately accepting title to these defaulted condo units or walking away and releasing their mortgages from such units so its clients could sell them and recover the past due amounts.

“ALG’s move to Brickell marks a new chapter for our firm” explained Ben Solomon, managing partner of ALG. “Our new office located at 1200 Brickell Ave. will allow ALG to continue its growth and represent even more condominium and homeowner associations throughout Florida.”

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