Auction house offers unique way to buy art, collectables

By Typhanie Stewart….

19th Century Burmese kalaga

Hammer & Block Auctioneers, Miami’s new and only full-service auction house, combines the atmosphere of an art and antique gallery with elements of some of America’s favorite reality TV shows: American Pickers, Pawn Stars and Auction Kings.

Hammer & Block is the only licensed auction house in Miami with bi-weekly live auctions conducted on Thursdays featuring items from high-end custom furniture, one-of-a-kind classic and modern art pieces, to sports collectables and more.

Unique auction pieces include a 19th Century Burmese kalaga hand-woven with real gold and an antique Asian door which shows the quality of historic Asian woodwork. Hammer and Block also is showcasing rare Louis Vuitton items such as an early 20th Century trunk and a soccer ball produced exclusively for the 1998 World Cup in France.

Hammer And Block uses expert consignment specialists to determine the authenticity and originality of specialty auction items that are brought in by private collectors.

Located in the center of the Wynwood Art District, Hammer & Block is different from the surrounding art or design galleries because high-end, quality items are sold via live auctions, free to the public, in a relaxed setting. Auction items are typically sold at costs much less than retail or gallery prices and there is no obligation to bid. All auctions are preceded by a wine and cheese viewing reception promoted via Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets.

“Hammer and Block is different because we don’t have the pretentions of some galleries and the mustiness of most auctions,” said Neil Hunt, CEO. “We have a large, comfortable space where potential bidders are encouraged to touch, pick up, handle and test out the items. Imagine that in a gallery!”

Hammer & Block seeks to give back to the community as well by selecting a special item before each auction to be sold, without reserve, to benefit a local charity. On Feb. 10, as a sponsor of Artopia, Hammer & Block auctioned T-shirts featuring top local artists’ rendering of the non-profit Hands on Miami logo. Hands on Miami, a volunteer organization, received more than $500 in proceeds from the event.

Hammer & Block is located in Midtown Miami at 415 NW 26 St. and can be contacted by phone at 305-576-1988 or by email at

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