Cars Meet Art and Ally Auto Alley to Miami

7Witty fragrances for hybrids,muscle cars, trusty sedans and more will be on display at Ally’s booth at this year’s 46th annual Miami International Auto Show

Ally’s “New Car Smell” exhibit will be a welcome addition to the popular Cars Meet Art display, enabling consumers to explore eight new car scents that reflect the spirit and style of both car and driver, or create their own unique virtual scent using an interactive iPad app. The exhibit will be open throughout the entire auto show, September 10-18 at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

“Ally is excited to be sponsoring the MiamiAuto Show this year and bringing our New Car Smell exhibit, which is a fun way for consumers to think beyond the typical smell of a new car, and explore scents that match the persona of their vehicle,” saidAndrea Riley, chief marketing officer at Ally. “The experience takes a creative and humorous approach to the personalization that we see trending across the auto industry.”

Visitors to Ally’s New Car Smell exhibit can sample eight different fragrances, designed to capture the personality and essence of different cars and drivers. Or they can create their own personalized virtual scent via an iPad app,which can be up loaded and shared on social media. The NewCarSmells on display at the booth include:

City Compact 43% Cappuccino, 29% Hairspray, 25% Lipstick, 3% Yoga Mat In the city rat race, you’re the mouse leading the pack. Grip the wheel, toot the tiny horn and park where others can only dream. Beep beep! 2-2-2/ Ally’s “New Car Smell” Highlights Cars Meet Art Exhibit

Luxury Coupe 67% Plush leather, 28% Shoe Polish, 4% Caviar, 1% Benjamins Hire a chauffeur and load up on lobster: you’ve arrived. Enjoy the refined air of the 1%. The road is your red carpet, pedestrians your paparazzi. Don’t spare the horses, Jeeves.

Eco Friendly Hybrid 80% Water, 14% Grass, 5% Tofu, 1% Smug What Mother Nature would drive if she had a license. Birds, trees and flowers are your co-pilots. Smile the smile of the righteous, my friend, and put your foot down. Lightly.

Muscle Car 52% Nitrous Oxide, 20% Testosterone, 20% Burnt Rubber, 8% Brimstone Hang your elbow out the window and let the wind blow through your armpit hair. This is life. This is living. The road is your story. Write it, fast.

Trusty Sedan 40% Pleather, 35% Pine, 22% InstantCoffee, 3% Fanny Pack Man’s best friend on four wheels. Waiting, idling, never stalling. You might top out at 100, but your engine will run forever. Stay in the middle of the road and paint the town beige.

Pick- Up Truck 57% Bonfire, 21% Axle Grease, 16% Flannel, 6% Beard Behold: the chariot of the free man. Or woman. The destroyer of bugs, the hauler of the weak. Gasoline and sweat run through its veins… and enter your nose. Breathe deeply and roar.

Family Wagon 44% Baby Wipes, 31% Stain Remover, 22% Crayon, 3% Regret Ispy, with my little nose,something beginning with kids. The mighty Family Wagon: mobile crib and canteen. Breathe in the heady musk of crayons and baby powder. This is your future.Are we there yet, they wail. Soon enough, my friend, soon enough…

Rugged SUV 57 % Mud, 21% Tree Bark, 16% Sweat, 6% Roadkill Go anywhere. Do anything. You’re as free as the mighty bald eagle but not necessarily bald. Breathe the air of the mountains or the shopping mall, you decide. Turn the key and unlock freedom.

Cars Meet Art Display Internationally-recognized artist DUAIV will again showcase a vibrantly painted auto in Ally’s Cars Meet Art exhibit for 2016. This year’s creation, a Corvette Z06 C7R Special Edition, further highlights DUAIV’S passion for cars and how well the stroke of his paintbrush and pallet knife blend the two worlds of art and cars together. DUAIV has traveled the world as a classical musician and accomplished painter.His designs have been presented atmajorshows such a sthe International Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, Art Basel and the Coconut GroveArts Festival. Also available in Ally’s booth will be the AllyAutoAlley digital car design experience, which allows attendeesto create personal car designs using iPad programs. Participants can select different vehicle types and then add custom paint, designs and patterns to create a unique virtual car. Designs can be shared on social media, and entered for a chance to win a trip to Cancun, Mexico.

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