Celebrate Splashtacular summer of thrills at Miami Seaquarium

imagesThe Miami Seaquarium unveils its new show, “Sky Riders,” as part of the park’s Splashtacular Summer of “Thrills and Chills.” The show continues through Aug. 18.

Miami Seaquarium will thrill guests with its new summer show “Sky Riders” featuring daring motorcycle high wire and acrobatic stunts.

The show starts with an inclined motorcycle high wire act, 40 feet off the ground. Acrobats run the motorcycle up and down the incline wires they perform stunts atop the motorcycle while balancing it on the cable. The show then switches gears to fun and laughs with “Tony and his Comedy Trampoline.”

The exciting finale of the show features the heart-stopping feats in the Motorcycle Globe of Death, which takes place inside a 14-foot diameter steel mesh cage where two motorcycles crisscross and loop around each other at high-speed.

After enjoying the exhilarating performance, guests can experience the park’s fun and cool alternatives to beat the heat. Cool off with a 55-degree splash from Lolita at the Killer Whale Show. Get a blast from the water cannons at Salty’s Pirate Playground. Slide down an inflatable water slide or get refreshed in a “Play and Spray” misting station.

“South Florida is a very popular summer vacation destination,” said Andrew Hertz, general manager at Miami Seaquarium. “The park’s new summer show brings thrills and daring elements along with comedic acrobats that are sure to make a big splash and bring added fun to Miami Seaquarium guests this summer season.”

Miami Seaquarium, South Florida’s most popular tourist attraction, is a familyoriented marine-life park open to the public 365 days a year. The park provides visitors with a greater understanding and appreciation for marine life through shows, presentations and marine-life exhibits.

General admission to Miami Seaquarium is $39.95 and $29.95 for children (ages 3- 9). More information on Miami Seaquarium is available at www.miamiseaquarium.com

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  1. Lolita is a wild animal that was taken from her mother and family at the age of 6 (orcas live until about 40 in the wild, and possibly up to 80-90) in one of the most brutal and scandalous orca hunts ever. Even the people who took part in it regret their actions that day. Several dead baby orcas were found afterwards with their guts slit open, weighted down and with chains around them so that people wouldn't know how many had been killed in the hunt. Lolita was one who survived. This intelligent, emotional, sentient creature has spent the past 40 years in an illegally small tank jumping for tourists in one of the most dilapidated seaquaria in the world. Their is a huge campaign to release Lolita. Please watch the film 'Blackfish' and contact Miami Seaquarium to tell them you won't be giving your money for them to keep torturing her in this way. Thank you.

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