What has the current Congress done for you?

Should you run into a member of Congress between now and elections in November ask them, “What have you done for America besides spending your time fighting the other political party and working diligently to keep your high paying, prestigious job in Washington?”

That goes for Democrats and Republicans equally.

Unfortunately Congress is judged to a great extent on how many new laws have been enacted. While this is not the only test of success, it does measure the flow of proposed legislation through the committee system and their success when a full vote of the House or Senate is taken.

The 80th Congress, during Harry Truman’s administration has long been nicknamed the “Do Nothing Congress.” It passed 395 laws. The 113th Congress, our current session, passed 163 bills into law during the first 620 days. By these standards our current members of the

House and Senate should be known as the “Never Showed Up For Work Congress.” It is not that there wasn’t and isn’t plenty of work to do.

They were active; no denying that. Their major activity was preserving their jobs; getting the President’s supporters out of the Senate; continuing their attempts at killing Obamacare, and, positioning the country to return Republicans to control of the Senate. I do not blame them for wanting to control the Senate, after all any party not in control of the process strives to gain control.

The difference is the needs of the people, you and I, have taken a distant second place to their retaining control of the process and guarantying their jobs in Washington — their jobs with all the benefits that go way beyond salary.

Ask about the need for immigration law. Our Junior Senator, Marco Rubio, was early to recognize the need for immigration reform. He, together with two other Republicans and three Democrats, wrote what was a major step forward in meeting the needs of 13 million illegal immigrants and those currently illegally entering our nation. Unfortunately, once the committed arrived at a quality bill Rubio decided, I suggest, to go against his own proposal and killed all their efforts.

President Obama, unhappy with the Congress for not taking action on immigration said he would use executive privilege and develop his own immigration plan. Unfortunately, he too felt the pressure of public and Congressional opinion and deferred action until after the elections. Poor decision.

Results on a major problem facing America? Nothing!

The Constitution mandates that the Congress pass a budget for the country. Unfortunately, again, Congress has neglected to do so and just passed temporary legislation that covers the expenses of our country for a 90-day period. They can’t come together on funding our country. Results: Nothing!

Congress has the option of passing legislation empowering the President to defend our nation. The President has asked Congress for support in our defense against ISIS but only received Congress’ statement that “it isn’t required.”

Congress members would rather sit back and say “see, it didn’t work, Mr. President. That’s why we didn’t give you our support. You [Obama] made a grave mistake.” Congress members are home telling us why they should be reelected in November and forget that America, and the free world, is facing a major force that is aimed at destroying America. Horrible decision!

When you meet a member of the Congress and they ask for your support. Ask them what have you done for us — America. Remind them no political party has stayed in control of Washington forever. Changes come when voters become so upset that they vote for a change in who will represent us in the future.

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