Internationally acclaimed artist ‘Chary’ to exhibit at coconut grove gallery

Internationally acclaimed artist 'Chary' to exhibit at coconut grove gallery


With an aim to help underprivileged children in Bolivia, accomplished artist Rosario “Chary” Rico-Toro established the INTI Foundation in 2010. Today, this talented artist/philanthropist is generating awareness for the foundation that she started through her colorful and inspirational artworks.

On Oct. 2, the Coconut Grove Gallery and Interiors will host opening night for her collection called the “Colors of Inti.” The exhibition featuring the works of Chary is to promote the charity’s efforts and showcase her unique artistic talent. A cocktail reception along with a “meet the artist” event will take place from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Tickets are $25and available at the door and by phone.

Rosario “Chary” Rico-Toro was born in 1972 in a military post in Robore, Bolivia. Growing up in a deeply religious military family, she often was moving between cities. Traveling and getting to know Bolivia was one of her family’s passions.

A cherished childhood memory for Chary is time spent in church admiring the beautiful scenes captured in the stained glass windows. Those memories serve as her muse, inspiring her today through the bold colors and geometric patterns seen in her works. The constant theme in her work is her life impression of people she has met and places she has seen.

“My intent is to provide the viewer with a child’s joyful take on life when looking at the bright colors,” Chary said.

“Inti” is the native Quechua language meaning “sun” and a fitting metaphor for the work of the INTI Foundation and its founder. Through the INTI Foundation and her bright inspired work, Chary has brought light to the plight of underserved children in Bolivia and is a ray of hope for the thousands in need of supportive services.

For information, go to To purchase advance tickets for Chary’s exhibit call Cindy at Charitable Achievements, 786- 615-9567.

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