Local Personal Historian Helps People Preserve Family Legacies

Legacy Keepers personal historian Romana Ciolko available to help families document and preserve their loved ones’ legacies for the benefit of future generations

Miami, FL. – Aug. 2, 2012 – Personal Historian Romana Ciolko today announced she is available for private consultation with individuals and families interested in documenting and preserving their legacies. Based in Palm Beach, Ciolko is a representative of Legacy Keepers, a nationwide personal legacy and family history preservation service.

As a Personal Historian, Ciolko will consult with families on how to capture the transient beauty in everyday lives and memories. Legacy Keepers’ team of professionals turns those memories into timeless heirlooms — audio CDs, books and high-definition videos — that will be treasured forever.

The word “legacy” – it carries enormous weight. It’s more likely to be associated with people like Donald Trump or Bill Gates – they are the ones who leave legacies. “Not true,” stated Ciolko. “Everyone has a life story to tell. By looking past the daily grind, we find lives rich with family history, values and traditions worthy of passing on before they are lost forever.“

Family history is often defined by where you were born, who your parents and siblings are, where the family lived, and what your nationality is. We have all recited it at one point or another in our lives. But what about the little stories that truly make us who we are? These are the stories and traditions that make our lives unique, our history rich.

“Many years ago, when my daughter was around eight years old and collecting beautiful porcelain dolls to add to the display in her bedroom,” related Romana, “we decided that we should get a porcelain doll for my mother for Christmas. We searched high and low, and found a most magnificent three-foot high, blonde-haired porcelain doll, clad in an elegant winter-white dress, fur-trimmed hat and old-fashioned lace-up boots for ‘Babchi.’ On Christmas morning, Babchi carefully unwrapped her gift. When she saw the doll, it brought tears to her eyes. We were stunned – surprised that she was crying. And when I asked why, my mother said that she had never had a doll before in her life. For, as a young girl in growing up in France, much of her youth was spent hiding in bomb shelters because of the air raids during the war. I never knew, never considered, that she did not have as much as one doll to call her own when she was a little girl. But this – as bittersweet as it is — is part of a legacy that my children and children’s children will hold dear to their hearts and cherish for many years to come.”

Legacy Keepers provides families a unique opportunity to preserve these life stories. While many people feel a deep sense of responsibility to do so, most are unsure about how to do it. Some feel overwhelmed. Just a little reflection and self-discovery now will ensure the means to capture and produce the timeless heirlooms that your loved ones can reminisce about and share in the future. “It doesn’t have to be overwhelming,” state Ciolko. “As your personal historian, I can help you share your story in as little as one afternoon of your time.”

For more information about Romana Ciolko and Legacy Keepers, or to schedule an interview, please call 518-275-1830 or email romana.ciolko@gmail.com Blog: http://yourlife-yourlegacy.com LinkedIn Group: Your Life—Your Legacy


About Legacy Keepers
Legacy Keepers is one of the only legacy preservation companies with a national network of Personal Historians and a team of professionals who capture your life story to produce intricate and stunning audio, print and video legacies. Legacy Keepers adheres to a strict code of ethics — a promise to take your time, your privacy and your memories seriously. We guarantee punctuality, respect, professionalism and a commitment to your privacy. It’s an honor for us to be entrusted with your stories.

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