U.S. Navy veteran brings innovative tech to Brickell Luxury Real Estate

U.S. Navy veteran brings innovative tech to Brickell Luxury Real Estate

Jon Payne

Former U.S. Naval intelligence officer and Brickell resident Jon Payne has launched a groundbreaking website putting powerful tools into the hands of buyers and sellers of luxury real estate.

The new site, www.southernskyreport.com, allows buyers to search Miami condominiums in vertical 3D, giving them a unique feel for each waterfront highrise. A two-dimensional search also is vilable on the site which uses a direct data feed for its high-quality photos and data. These types of searches are a major improvement over the static models of commercial sites which often suffer from outdated listings.

Payne, who is a licensed Realtor with EWM Realty International, helps sellers as well by leveraging an innovative system to generate multi-page reports on any home’s current value. This equips sellers with better knowledge on market conditions before listing their homes for sale.

While the system is powerful and produces comprehensive reports, Payne reviews each document before it goes out and adds his expertise to the computer’s analysis. This ensures a level of accuracy in the Southern Sky Report’s home value estimates that automated estimates cannot deliver.

In his past career as a lieutenant onboard the aircraft carrier USS George Washington, Payne served as the ship’s satellite imagery officer and electronic warfare officer. Later, he spent three years as a counter-terrorism and counter-transnational organized crime officer at U.S. Southern Command in Doral. His years of experience presenting the most accurate data in the most engaging way possible informed his approach to real estate:

“My senior officers’ constant demand for ‘accurate, timely, relevant’ information, drove me to master the intelligence and present it clearly on a daily basis,” Payne said. “Whether it was Chinese submarines stalking us in the Philippine Sea, or Russian patrol aircraft coming to find us in the Sea of Japan, I made the intelligence a part of me ahead of time and could tell the captain exactly what he needed to hear at any moment.”

Payne continued, “Mastering the information and presenting it clearly are the two principles I brought from the fleet to Miami. There is a clear need for this expertise in real estate, and my approach and my online tools are beginning to give clients an advantage.”

The inspiration for the name “Southern Sky Report” came from the turbulent skies over the Straits of Florida. As Payne began forming his company during many long summer nights in Miami, he was alternately distracted and inspired by the washes of lightning and thunder that filled the southern sky on a nightly basis. The booms of thunder — or reports — always came from the south, and together with their flashes and twists of lightning, punctuated the beginnings of the lieutenant’s new venture, The Southern Sky Report.

From the powerful expressions of nature came the clarity that Payne was seeking. He would bring what most impressed from the Navy to Miami.

“I was always impressed with the Navy’s organization and its technology, and how the two combined to maximize the effectiveness of everything my sailors did. After having the honor of being a part of that for so many years, I knew I could bring that combination of pure organizational excellence and modern technological convenience to my real estate clients in Miami.”

The Southern Sky Report is collection of online real estate tools and articles produced by Southern Sky Properties LLC, an affiliate of EWM Realty International.

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