Meetbowls – Who are you having dinner with tonight?

Meetbowls is a company based in Miami created by two young ambitious adults who came to United States looking for a better future. Thanks to their good education and family support, they started working at a very young age always with the goal of becoming successful entrepreneurs. Both of these

young entrepreneurs always had the same vision about how difficult it was to build a relationship, friendship and a profession social network in Miami.

Unfortunately, in this city there are not that many ways to meet new people without awkwardness, stress and all the things that a one on one meeting or date brings.

Their goal was to create a new, original and different way to make people meet, something which doesn’t implicate ‘ dating ‘ necessarily but friendship, networking and business as well.

And that’s when the idea came up! What about sharing a good dinner with 5 people you do not know anything about? Being in a group setting helps many people feel comfortable and allows for group discussions. To make this idea even more original and unique, each person that will be seated at the table will remain a surprise until the people arrive at the

Young professionals building relationships and partnership

Young professionals building relationships and partnership

restaurant. The only sure thing is that there will be 3 men and 3 women at the meeting.

The concept is very convenient and simple. People register on and choose a table accordingly to their age range in the restaurant of their choice. Then they will receive a confirmation as soon as the table is full to let them know that the dinner will happen and that a table has been reserved for them. After that, it is up to you to connect with the other attendees and begin a friendship, relationship or partnership!

We know how important it is to feel comfortable in a native language and that’s why Meetbowls is also working on different tables like “Noches Latinas” which allow Spanish speakers to join our groups as well. Meetbowls is a new concept in the United States but there are other companies similar to it in Europe and the experience is amazing!

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