New Art Studio Opens Creative Doorways in Downtown Fort Lauderdale

Wheelhouse Art Studio launched last month and has had a spectacular response both within the local market and across the nation. The studio features inexpensive, but highly fashionable and elegant jewelry, DIY classes (do-it-yourself), instructor led classes (mommy & me, painting, succulent plants, jewelry design & fabrication, and other marvelous mediums). The boutique also offers very unique, distinguished, and limited fashionable clothing and accessories.

The founder, Jamey Kahl had a vision to create a different kind of boutique/studio. Her multi-format concept allows her to cater to an audience who is seeking something not only unique, different, and convenient – but also a one stop location that fulfills many artistic needs. Kahl says, “I believe that it is my life work to share my artistic knowledge and experience with others. Art is powerful in the way that it communicates, creates connections, and asks philosophical questions. If a person is given the talent to be an artist, it is important that they share their ability with others and encourage their students to inspire others. As an art educator, we can inspire, inform, and provide a creative atmosphere for students to develop and appreciate their creative abilities.”

Kahl has a mastersdegree in art education and as an educator she understands the importance of using art to express creativity and thought. She also believes that it is vital for students to feel comfortable to create freely while educating them to better understand historical contexts and artistic techniques and enduring ideas.

The boutique studio has created a tremendous following on Facebook on both the local and national stage where people as far away as California have frequented her online presence. Her selection of crystals is most impressive and expertise in helping her customers with selecting the “right” crystals is most supportive. In addition to offering an extensive line of crystals, the studio compliments the gems with a full line of essential oils. Kahl assists her clients with the blending of oils to help them in creating the perfect potion.

About Wheelhouse Art Studio

Wheelhouse Art Studio is a boutique shop which offers unique and distinctive handmade jewelry, authentic clothing and accessories, along with aromatherapy and incense. The Studio also offers a variety of workshops for those who wish to expand their knowledge and understanding of art and culture. The forum is also an ideal place for trained artists to collaborate and provide feedback to the community. For more information visit

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