Soundwaves Cutting Edge Sonographic Technology Expands Operations

sono1-minSoundwaves LLC, a Miami-based in-office, portable ultrasound imaging provider serving the South Florida medical community for nearly a decade, today announced the diversification of its services beyond obstetrics and gynecology to other medical disciplines
and the expansion of its operations from South Florida to the Mid-Atlantic. 

Soundwaves has been delivering these benefits to doctors in OB/GYN for nearly a decade. “Over the last couple of years, we have seen high demand growth from orthopedic surgeons, urologists, cardiologists and family practice physicians.  The diversification of our services and expansion in the U.S. is a natural next step to better serving the medical community with technological innovation, convenience and cost savings for staff and patients,” said Denise Barbato, Founder & CEO.

With the most advanced equipment and highly trained staff, Soundwaves improves patient results with the latest 3D imaging techniques and more accurate documentation for improved diagnoses. “With Soundwaves, doctors can respond to patient needs immediately,” says Barbato.

“Soundwaves is a high quality, in-office ultrasound service that we recommend to our doctors to improve patient care as well as to generate revenue for their office,” said Nathan Hirsch, MD, president of Femwell Group Health, a multi-specialty group practice with over 180 offices throughout Florida.

Making Ultrasound Mobile – and More Valuable

Denise Barbato founded Soundwaves LLC in Miami in 2009. The company was founded on two value-adds:

1)    A core group of highly qualified, experienced, and ARDMS-registered sonographers versed in that critical bridge between patient and doctor communications.

2)    Liberating leading-edge ultrasound imaging from hospitals and bringing it to doctors where they need it most — in their own offices.

 Thanks to technology allowing computing and imaging to become physically smaller while increasing dramatically in image resolution and quality, what used to require a linebacker-sized cart now fits in a briefcase and delivers more detailed, accurate results than ever before. Whereas hospitals might resist letting go of old investments in legacy ultrasound equipment, Soundwaves made sure to use the most advanced portable solutions with the latest in digital beamform signal processing, ultra-wide aperture transmission/reception, and tissue harmonic imaging. Accurate diagnoses require accurate data.

Today, as in those early years, Soundwaves focuses on delivering convenience, cost savings, and a higher quality of technical service to healthcare providers. For doctors in private offices, Soundwaves removes the hassle of knowing which ultrasound machine to select and worrying over equipment failures. Soundwaves carries the equipment service contracts and handles all servicing needs. Doctors never have to worry about hiring or paying a qualified sonographer, and Soundwaves stores all images and reports on a HIPAA-compliant cloud server that doctors can securely access online from anywhere at any time.

Soundwaves makes sure to use (and train its technologists on) the latest generation of ultrasound technology, enabling capabilities such as 3D transvaginal sonography (TVS). This relatively new technique provides superior insight into certain pelvic structures impossible to capture with legacy 2D imaging, such as uterine morphology and congenital uterine anomalies, location of fibroids in relation to the endometrium, endometrial polyps, and confirming the location of an IUD (intrauterine device). 3D TVS is increasingly becoming the first action step for diagnosis, rather than invasive procedures, such as hysteroscopy or laparoscopy, or a far costlier MRI. Many organizations lack the ability to perform 3D TVS in-house, and they are even more likely lacking the expertise to accurately assess and communicate the results of that imaging.

Additionally, Barbato ensures that all her sonographers not only possess the proper industry credentials for expertise but also receive extra training from her on how to use the language doctors need to see in their ultrasound reports.

“Doctors order ultrasounds in order to answer a specific question,” said Barbato. “Soundwaves specializes in wording the report in a way that specifically and succinctly answers the question as relevant to that patient.”

Being more accessible and affordable wasn’t enough for Soundwaves to find and grow its audience. The company could only succeed if the quality of its services enabled doctors to deliver higher quality to their patients down the line – and it did.

Results and Expansion

Barbato’s strategy paid off. Soundwaves business boomed across Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, particularly among OB/GYNs. More recently, other groups have come calling. A host of healthcare providers in the region schedule Barbato’s team to visit from one to three times every week.

As her business continues to expand, Barbato uses that growth to fuel her ability to give back and help those in need. For example, Soundwaves donates generously to The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Barbato would like to continue this effort indefinitely; every new Soundwaves customer allows her to donate more.

Doctors and clinic managers increasingly understand that patient loyalty and provider profit grow when services can be kept on-site, especially when those services are of higher quality than what might be found from competing offices. “Soundwaves has always been about real-time care,” noted Barbato. “Doctors can respond to patient needs immediately, not days later. This cuts out the bureaucracy and, in many cases, allows doctors to do their jobs better. Everybody benefits.”


About Soundwaves LLC
Soundwaves LLC is a Miami-based mobile diagnostic ultrasound services company that provides state-of-the-art in office services to Obstetricians, Gynecologists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Cardiologists, Urologists and Family Practice Physicians. The company launched in 2009 specializing in Obstetrical and Gynecological ultrasounds. It later began to provide musculoskeletal ultrasound services in South Florida and has now expanded its services into other medical disciplines and to the MidAtlantic. With first-hand experience on more than 500,000 ultrasounds, Soundwaves’ team of accredited sonographers is prepared to handle and advise on the full spectrum of medical cases. For more information, CLICK HERE.

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