St. Theresa School activities mark Catholic Schools Week

St. Theresa School activities mark Catholic Schools Week

Principal Sister Rosalie welcomes Student Council president Paola Padron as “Principal for the Day” for Catholic Schools Week.

St. Theresa School, along with all Catholic Schools in the United States, celebrated Catholic Schools Week in late January. There was a full slate of activities that helped celebrate the difference Catholic Schools make in the lives of young people.

The week started with letters written to those serving in the military, thanking them for their service and for protecting our freedom. The letters were blessed at the “All School Mass” celebrated by Fr. Phillip Tran.

The Student Council members took on the role of administration and teaching on Tuesday. Students served as principal and vice principals as well as having a student paired with a teacher, taking over teaching responsibilities for the morning.

“Overall, it is a great day for students to appreciate what teachers do daily, which they realize is far from easy,” said Lily Rodriguez, Moderator of Student Council. “They are able to engage in the learning process from a different point of view and the students in the classrooms they teach prove to be more attentive, focused and motivated to learn because it’s a fun change in ‘scenery’ for a day.”

Wednesday served as School Spirit Day with everyone donning their green and gold, displayed at the morning’s outdoor assembly. Room mothers hosted a luncheon for all faculty and staff, with a delicious pasta dishes and delightful homemade desserts. The afternoon brought on Green and Gold Field Day, filled with competitive spirit.

Vocations were celebrated on Thursday, with spiritual bouquets for Fr. Michael Davis, Fr. Philip Tran, Sr. Rosalie Nagy, Sr. Carla, Sr. Emma Luz, and Sr. Mary Elizabeth. A school-wide cheer for vocations was heard throughout Coral Gables.

“We want our students to appreciate the different choices they may pursue as they grow older,” said Sr. Rosalie. “One can choose married life, the priesthood, or a religious vocation. You have to listen quietly to what God is asking you to do.”

Grandparents came to hear their pre-K through first grade grandchildren sing on Friday. Each grade presented musical selections honoring their grandparents.

“This is a day we look forward to every year,” said Xiomara Duque, grandmother to Andreina Gonzalez and Mila Duque, kindergartners.

“We love to see our two granddaughters sing and act out songs they’ve been excited to perform, in both English and Spanish. It is quite a treat!”

Toni Pallatto is director of development for St. Theresa.

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