Tony Khoury makes his case for U.S. Senate

Coral Gables resident Tony Khoury is running as an Independent candidate for U.S. Senate.

Coral Gables resident Tony Khoury is running as an Independent candidate for U.S. Senate.

First-time candidate and entrepreneur Tony Khoury says he is running for U.S. Senate “because this country is at serious cross roads.” He also believes he is uniquely positioned – as an independent candidate – to run, win, and make a difference.

The 57-year-old Christian immigrant from Jerusalem, Israel, is an American success story. After arriving in the U.S. at the age of 17, he earned his undergraduate in Aerospace Engineering before going on to create two aviation companies. Now retired, he wants to apply his skills and knowledge into becoming a U.S. Senator for Florida – No-Party-Affiliated (NPA).

“As you have seen lately, both Democratic and Republican parties are more interested in holding a majority status rather than addressing the issues affecting the citizens,” says Khoury. As a businessman, he never dreamt of running for the U.S. Senate, especially as an Independent. “But it has become increasingly prevalent that the ideals of one party do not always act in the best interest of all Americans.

So Khoury is off and running for Senate. And is serious when he says none of his Republican opponents have a chance against him. “I am the best candidate to win this race. As an Independent, I will vote on people’s issues and finally put the people above the parties.

“And I am staying in the race until the end, as an independent NPA,” he added, “until the last vote is counted.”

Tony Khoury (l), who founded multiple U.S. aviation companies, is pictured with Doug Parker, Chairman and CEO of American Airlines Group, Inc.

Tony Khoury (l), who founded multiple U.S. aviation companies, is pictured with Doug Parker, Chairman and CEO of American Airlines Group, Inc.

A resident of Coral Gables, Khoury first arrived in the U.S. in 1976 to pursue an Aerospace Engineering degree. Soon after, he signed on with Batch Air and Eastern Airlines, before venturing out on his own by founding multiple aviation companies.

And now his intuition is leading him on a different path. “I’m not a career politician. I’m not affiliated with the establishment. I’m not looking to further enrich myself. And I’m not looking to appease any special interests,” he says.

Khoury is campaigning on his “fresh ideas, work ethic, business experience, and a common-sense approach,” he will succeed in representing the people of Florida and this country. “I will work with – and for – my constituents to ensure they get what they deserve: justice, impartiality, and most important of all, fairness.

“I am, in simplest terms, a man of the people.”

Here is where Khoury stands on a sampling of the issues:

  • Job Creation: A top priority is job creation, as is increasing the minimum wage and minimizing excessive regulation that slows growth potential of the middle-class economy.
  • Social Security: Reexamine rules governing disability designation and benefits, including eliminating the existing cap on wages subject to Social Security tax
  • Healthcare Reform: Along with radical reform in affordability, three aspects of the Affordable Care Act must be preserved: keep it illegal to deny coverage due to pre-existing conditions; children up to 26 should stay with their parent’s health plan; and removal of the lifetime cap on medical expenses.
  • Term Limits: Get rid of career politicians and keep our government in a constant fluctuation of fresh-minded individuals.
  • Preservation: Protect Florida’s landscape from special-interest groups and large sugar corporations. Ensure clean air/safe drinking water; expand renewable solar/wind power; ensure nuclear power plants are maintained to the highest standards; and support maintenance of our treasured national parks.
  • Education Reform: Leave education to local governments, teachers, and parents; build state-of-the-art schools and modernize existing facilities; offer significant tuition discounts to driven and qualified high-school graduates; offer scholarships and grants for community colleges/trade schools for training of skilled workers in infrastructure and IT; and interest rates for student loans must be reduced to no more than 3 percent.

For more information and Khoury’s views on many more issues, visit or contact the candidate via e-mail at

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