Women’s History Coalition events to mark Women’s History Month

Women’s History Coalition events to mark Women’s History Month


The Women’s History Coalition of Miami-Dade County was founded in 1983 and incorporated in 1986 by a group of ambitions women with a mission to promote women’s issues and history.

The Coalition comprises a multicultural board of directors and membership. All programs are accomplished by these volunteers, who share a common interest in preserving the history and contributions of women in Miami-Dade County.

The Coalition provides a multiplicity of volunteer services and contributions to the community. Some areas of interest include: employment and economics; progress toward integration in politics; the Equal Rights Amendment; domestic violence, and human trafficking.

Each year during the month of March (National Women’s History Month) the Coalition celebrates the contributions of Julia S. Tuttle (1849-1891), the group’s m a t r i a r c h and the “Mother of Miami” at the City of M i a m i Cemetery, 1800 NE Second Ave. — her gravesite. This year the Coalition will gather on Sunday, Mar. 1, at 2 p.m., to commence the recognition celebration. The public is invited.

Additionally, and on an annual basis, the Women’s History Coalition honors outstanding women who have distinguished themselves through noteworthy contributions for the betterment of women in Miami-Dade County. This year, the prestigious Women of Impact Award will be presented to six prominent women: Annabell Brewster; Hon. Judge Gill S. Freeman; Millie Herrera; JoAnn Roberts; Lucia Soria and Dr. Lenora Yates.

The event will take place on Sunday, Mar. 8, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, 50 Alhambra Plaza, Coral Gables, at 3 p.m. Tickets may be purchased at $50 each and can be obtained through Margaret Slama, treasurer, at margaretmslama@ aol.com.

The Women’s History Coalition has published two historical books: Julia’s Daughters: Women in Dade’s History (1975-2000) and Beyond Julia’s Daughters: Women in Miami Dade History (1975-2000). Currently, the Coalition is accepting applications for the third volume and seeking nominations of noteworthy women who are trailblazers and have championed women’s causes at large.

You may contact Dr. Helen McGuire, chair of the Herstory Committee at <helenamcguire@hotmail.com> to submit information.

Visit the organization’s website at womenshistorycoalitionmiamidade.org and become familiar with the organization. The public is invited to join in promoting the agenda for women and to become a member of WHC. Membership fee is $30 and you may contact Margaret Slama, treasurer, at margaretslama@aol.com to facilitate your request.

JoAnn Roberts is president of the Women’s History Coalition. She is an accomplished Realtor and a lifelong volunteer.

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