Wednesday , 10 February 2016

From the Publisher

More fun at City Hall

Michael Miller photo

UNGENTLEMANLY At the last city commission meeting a seemingly nice and well intentioned lady spoke up during public remarks to invite the commission to consider a dog park at All America Park. Talk about speaking before a rough crowd. When she suggested the possible location, the peanut gallery in the …

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More on Sunpass and ORT headed our way

Miami-Dade Expressway Authority is saturating Kendall with opportunities to address attaching Sunpass or being billed to travel Snapper Creek or Shula Expressways, some time in July. Meanwhile, half of East Kendall is figuring out how to avoid any toll while gantry columns are erected along both X-ways and bulletins continue …

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Bringing back the draft would end Iraq War

Grant Miller Publisher’s Note There has been a call for reinstat-ing the military draft in the United States in recent months. Some cringe at the thought of forcing this nation’s young people into a minimum of two years in the U.S. Army; others say it is long overdue. At the …

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Time to end exodus from Village police department

Sworn police officers are leaving the Pinecrest Police Department in ever growing numbers. In the last two years alone, 25 officers tendered their resignation, most of them to take similar jobs in the police departments of other South Florida municipalities. Four more officers have departed our Village force in just …

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It’s important to buy local today

Every day, we’re faced with choices — buy from Home Depot or the guy that owns the hardware store in the Village? Get a cup of coffee at Starbucks or go to the local restaurant? Buy from a local clothing store or from Marshall’s? In these difficult economic times, to …

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‘Daddy, can I borrow $25?’

I found the following story on the Internet. The author is unknown, but I thought the tale and its lesson well worth sharing. A man came home late from work one evening tired and irritated, only to find his five-year old son waiting for him at the door. “Daddy, may …

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High school sports are all about the journey

Often high school athletes and their parents become frustrated worrying about things over which they have little or no control. High school athletes strive for a spot on the swim team, to maintain a .400 batting average, to make the All County team, land a college scholarship or move on …

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Don’t reduce hours of operation for county’s parks

This economy has got everybody in a crunch, and Miami-Dade County government officials are feeling the pinch just like everybody else. Tax revenue is down sharply and officials are looking for ways to cut expenditures. Mayor Carlos Alvarez has already submitted a budget that slices huge allocations from areas previously …

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