Miami Beach Sun, Sand, Surf and the Trees

Miami Beach is known the world over for its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture and nightlife. This community also holds the distinction of being recognized as a Tree City USA town for nine years.

As Miami Beach Urban Forester Mark Williams explains, the Tree City USA honor officially distinguishes Miami Beach as an environmentally friendly city in regards to installing and maintaining a healthy population of greenery, shrubs and trees that provide an extensive tree canopy.

“Trees provide a lot of different benefits,” said Williams. “Some of the more common benefits are they help clean the air, they provide habitat for wildlife, provide much needed shade that can help with electric bills and they also act as a natural reservoir for storm water runoff.”

Williams describes the beautiful array of trees and palms in Miami Beach as valuable assets to the community. As a tree expert, he says residents should not miss the opportunity to visit some of the more picturesque locations in the city.

His favorites?

A grand Buttonwood tree, considered the oldest in the city, located at 73 Street and Dickens Avenue. It is easily recognizable because of a massive support system; its branches reach all the way to the ground to support the weight of the tree. Williams share more on how Miami Beach is leading the way as an environmentally friendly city in the latest episode of City Vision.

Another “must do,” says Williams, is a drive down historic Pine Tree Drive where hundreds of Australian Pines have been in place since the early 1900s.

Williams says a visit to Collins Park to see the majestic Baobab Tree should not be missed. The Baobab is not just pretty, it also carries some lore. In some African cultures, the tree is considered the Tree of Life due to its strength and size.

To read more on Miami Beach’s urban forestry plans, check out the Spring issue of MB Magazine.


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