Commit and get fit

Scott Baumann
The key to getting results from any fitness program is consistency. Certainly you need to be doing the right workout and eating right, but the most important thing of all is consistency and follow-through. Exercise programs can be very easy to start but it takes discipline and hard work to finish them and that is where most people fail.

You may have to stay with your program for up to three months before you see progress. This can seem like a long time and far too many people give up just when they are about to see great results. Results don’t come evenly or immediately.

Often times you will get on the scale and it will be the same, the same, the same, until one day, BAM! “I lost three pounds!” This is how it happens. Isn’t it the same way on the way up? You don’t see yourself gaining weight but all of a sudden you get undressed one day and go “Wait a minute, I’m fat! What happened?” It doesn’t happen overnight and you won’t fix it overnight.

People often say “Well let me try it and see if I like it.” Well guess what? That doesn’t work. Why? Because you might not like it. You might like it some days and not on others. Some days you might feel like working out but trust me, most days you won’t! It doesn’t matter if you “feel like it” or not, you just have to do it. Remember the old Nike slogan “Just Do It”? Well it didn’t say “Just do it when you feel like it”, it said “Just Do It.” No matter what.

Make the commitment that you will exercise 3x a week for 3 months. If you are tired, if you are feeling lazy, it doesn’t matter, just do it. Give yourself 3 months to make the changes. Imagine a marathon runner who thought, “Well, I’ll just start running and if I feel good, I’ll go the whole 26.2 miles.”

I have never run a marathon but I can guarantee you that most people at about the 15th mile are not “feeling like it” anymore! But they have committed to finishing and they do!

Don’t give up just before you have reached the finish line because it may be closer than you think. Give yourself a fair amount of time for your body to respond to the new exercise program and the new nutrition program and if you are patient, you will be rewarded with a body you can be proud of.

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