ATV Training for Ocean Rescue and Police Department

Division Manager Ocean Rescue Sunny Isles Beach Ocean Rescue is always preparing and training with very high standards and expectations.

Our City is known for being one of the most gorgeous strips of beach around, and with summer around the corner, we anticipate a large increase of patrons coming to Sunny Isles Beach. The Ocean Rescue division, in order to always be prepared in any situation, is constantly doing inhouse training like rescue scenarios, medical, CPR and first aid training.

One of the major reasons our beach, parks and City remain safe, is because we have the pleasure of working hand and hand with our Police Department. With this teamwork between divisions, you can be at ease knowing you and your family will have a fun, relaxing, and safe visit. We have been recently conducting ongoing training using our ATV (All terrain vehicles) and UTV’s (Utility terrain vehicles). These vehicles are a great way for us to patrol the beach on a highly maneuverable vehicle. They are used by our Ocean Rescue division for making patrols up and down the beach and responding to emergency situations, even on the water’s edge. Our ATV’s and UTV’s are equipped with lights and sirens, PA system (for talking to patrons on loud speaker), rescue buoys and 1 rescue board.

These vehicles also have plenty of storage to carry essential medical supplies. For example- first aid equipment, oxygen, ice packs and even vinegar for possible jelly fish or man-o-war stings. We feel it is better to be over prepared than not ready for possible situations that may occur. From our towers, we can spot swimmers that may possibly be in need of help, like tired swimmers, distressed swimmers or patrons swimming near a rip current or other possible hazard. The Police Department uses these vehicles to patrol along our beach while enforcing laws and responding to anything which may occur as well. These vehicles also make communication easily accessible between city employees, and the public, to respond to questions residents and guests may have. The training sessions we conduct help with all skills which include being rider active, fine tuning safety awareness skills, maneuvering and turning and much more.

Proper training and continued practice are the best way to develop the skills you need to ride safely under all conditions. So the next time you are on the beach and see us patrolling by, feel free to wave us down just to say, “Hi” or let us know if we could be of service to you. So grab your coolers, sun protection and towels and come on out to “Florida’s Riviera” and enjoy our beach.

Remember, have fun and “ALWAYS SWIM NEAR A LIFEGUARD.” (Photos by Mike Tribby)

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