Blossom’s Developmental Therapy Associates Making A Difference

Alter G

Alter G

Blossom’s DTA is a center created by Claudia and John Orrett in conjunction with their daughter’s physical therapist and inspired by their twin daughter Chloe who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy months after birth. After countless surgeries, doctors recommended that Chloe go through intensive therapy. As any parent would do, they began their search for this type of facility only to realize that the closest place was Ft. Lauderdale. Although, many hospitals offer pediatric therapy for these type of conditions, its wasn’t sufficient. BDT is unique, because their mission is to enhance the lives of special needs children by providing an intense therapeutic and creative learning environment where they can be children, first and foremost and become self-sufficient adults. Through Claudia and John’s personal experience they have learned that allowing children to be children in conjunction with intensive therapy, can accomplish miracles. At BDT they want to provide intensive occupational and physical therapy combined with real life skills and dance, yoga, music, computers and plain old playground play. They want to provide this unique, therapeutic experience all in one place.

I also would love to talk to you a bit about Chloe and how amazing this remarkable little girl is. She is truly an inspiration for everyone she meets and learns her story. I have attached a link with a video that explains more about her story and the facility.

Recently, Blossom’s acquired the Alter G Treadmill for their facility. Blossom’s is one of two pediatric centers in the country to use the treadmill to assist children with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and other disabilities. Through hard work and dedication Blossom’s has quickly become one of the best pediatric therapy centers in the city with over 60-70 patients. Having a place as remarkable as Blossom’s is amazing and is vital for the South Florida community to be aware that a facility as technologically advanced and dedicated to the success of their patients exists so close to home.

I have attached the press release on the Alter G as well as few images. If you would like to receive more information on the facility we would be happy to send it your way. Both parents and therapists are available for interview and we would love to be able to work on a story with you if interested. I have included the website for more information:

Thanks again for all your help and look forward to your response.


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