City commission to discuss annexation feasibility study

coral gables storyThe city is considering adding the Little Gables and High Pines neighborhoods, which currently are in unincorporated Miami-Dade County, into Coral Gables.

Little Gables is 205 acres in size and located south of SW Eighth Street between Graceland Memorial Park and SW 40th Street, it has an estimated population of 3,000.

High Pines includes the Ponce-Davis neighborhood and comprises 675 acres, situated southeast of the intersection of Sunset Drive and Red Road. The population in High Pines is approximately 3,400.

Both neighborhoods are surrounded on three sides by properties already in Coral Gables.

The city commission has directed the preparation of a feasibility study to determine the community, service and financial impacts of adding these areas (known as annexation), and the study will be presented at the July 26 commission meeting. If the city commission directs the annexation process to move forward at that time, they will schedule a future public hearing with mailed notice of the hearing to the affected areas.

At the hearing, should the city commission approve the request to Miami-Dade County to annex the Little Gables and High Pines neighborhoods, an application would be prepared and submitted to the county for review and consideration. In the event the county commission approves the city’s annexation request, a vote would be held in the affected neighborhoods.

The public is welcome to attend the city commission meeting on July 26 and learn about the annexation initiative. Once the agenda for this meeting is published online at the city’s website, members of the public can send electronic comments (eComments) on the issue at

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