City extends grace period to comply with truck restrictions

The City of Coral Gables has extended the grace period until Nov. 30 for enforcement of the restrictions pertaining to trucks parked in residential and commercial areas, pending the outcome of a referendum on the subject.

The city has an existing ordinance that prohibits pickup trucks being parked outside of garages in residential areas for aesthetic purposes. The referendum will ask whether or not the ordinance is to be amended to allow a non-commercial pickup truck on private, residential properties, if such truck has a fully covered bed and no more than four wheels.

The referendum will be held on Nov. 6. Residents would then have until Nov. 30 to come into compliance with the existing law or the amended law (depending on the result of the referendum).

For more information, contact Code Enforcement at 305-460-5226.

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1 Comment on "City extends grace period to comply with truck restrictions"

  1. Belkys your article is outdated. The referendum language was changed yesterday during the commission meeting. Truck owners no longer need a covered bed.

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