Combine procedures to overlap recovery times

12091-637966.jpg.pagespeed.ce_.pGY65KzZE5Dr. Wolf, I would like to know if I can do two surgeries at one time. When I was younger I had breast implants, and now after having children they are saggy and deflated. I have never really liked my nose and I’ve decided to have my nose done. Is it safe to have my nose done at the same time as my breast surgery?

It is safe to do both surgeries at the same time, however, you have to do it with the right doctor and under the right circumstances. When you are considering having two surgeries, the key factor in determining safety is the length of time it takes to perform the surgeries. If one doctor is performing both surgeries, you must ensure that the doctor can complete the surgeries within a reasonable amount of time. Safety requires that both surgeries be completed in under five hours. The longer surgeries last; the greater the risk for complications.

Because not every doctor can perform every type of surgery perfectly, even under ideal circumstances, it is advisable to have two surgeons do what they do best. By having specialists perform each surgery, you’ll get the best results from each surgeon with the least amount of fatigue factor.

Another possible risk when doing breast surgery with nasal surgery is the increased infection rate. However, there have been good studies that demonstrate that this is not the case. Typically, a patient having nose surgery is given intravenous antibiotics prophylactically to prevent infection. This measure is usually effective at preventing infection of both the nose and breast when done at the same time.

We have been doing nose and breast surgery together in our office for more than 15 years with no increase in complications. The advantage to our patients is significant. The recovery time overlaps, so the overall recovery time is faster than if the surgeries were performed separately.

Patients undergo just one anesthesia for both surgeries. And the most important factor is that patients are extremely satisfied and happy to be able to do the surgeries they want in the shortest time and in a safe way.

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