Coral Gables Community Foundation creates One Camera One World Fund

logoThe Coral Gables Community Foundation (CGCF) has announced the creation of the One Camera One World Charitable Fund.

One of the many fiscal sponsor funds at the CGCF, One Camera One World is able to make an immediate difference in the lives of children while they implement their long-term goal of creating their own nonprofit.

One Camera One World is dedicated to strengthening family identities and improving self-esteem in children living in poverty through the medium of photography. Its goal is to serve the impoverished areas around the world, and domestically, with their initial focus in Haiti.

By supplying school children with their first cameras and picture albums, One Camera One World will encourage them to share how they see the world. They will document their day-to-day life, getting a sense of whom they are and what they can become.

Working in conjunction with other nonprofit organizations, One Camera One World will begin by distributing digital cameras at an elementary school outside Port-au-Prince, Haiti. They will teach the students basics in photography, and give them guidelines as to which subjects to shoot.

When the photographs from these cameras are edited, each student will receive his or her own picture album. After the children have a chance to share these albums with their families, One Camera One World team members will go back to the school and help them process what they have learned. Topics of discussion will include: Their pride in family and community, their growth as an artist, and their unique vision.

One Camera One World will show these children that they have their own special voice which no one can ever take away. This voice, expressed through visual arts, often will be the first-ever images of their family and life. These images will give the children confidence, empowerment and hope, and open up educational opportunities for their future.

Coral Gables Community Foundation is a non-partisan, non-sectarian, nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The mission of the Coral Gables Community Foundation is to foster programs that promote and encourage cultural, educational, health, historic preservation, and charitable projects that continue to enhance the quality of life for all people living or working in Coral Gables.

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