Coral Gables Hospital Launches ‘Path to Health’ Campaign to Drive Community Engagement and Enrollment in Health Insurance Exchanges

Affordable-Care-Act1Coral Gables Hospital recently launched “Path to Health,” a community education and outreach initiative to raise awareness and understanding of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  “Path to Health” is designed to inform and educate South Florida’s uninsured population and others within the community on how the changes implemented in the healthcare law will impact them and what they need to do in order to secure affordable healthcare coverage.

Coral Gables Hospital remains committed to delivering safe, quality care in the community it serves.  As care givers, ensuring that the community and patients understand all of the coverage options available to them is an extension of the hospital mission.
The “Path to Health” campaign will work with community partners and offer educational materials and resources around navigating the insurance exchanges and the ACA.  The comprehensive campaign will break down the barriers of this complicated law, and provide user-friendly guidance and tips on what community members need to know in order to make sure they are prepared to choose the best coverage for themselves and their families.
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