Coral Gables Police patrol car fleet getting new look

By Maria Rosa Higgins Fallon….

Pictured (main photo) is the way Coral Gables Police patrol cars will look in the future — a change from the way they look now (insert).

Coral Gables residents soon will be seeing a new look in the city’s police patrol cars.

A fresh design will be installed on 25 new patrol vehicles in the next few weeks. The new look will be incorporated into approximately 100 police vehicles over time. The existing look of the patrol cars has not been updated since 1989.

City manager Pat Salerno asked Automotive director Steve Riley and Interim Police Chief Richard Naue to come up with a new look for patrol vehicles that would be representative of a forward-looking agency.

The police patrol cars did not only get an image makeover. Another less visible addition to the city’s patrol cars are the overhead light bars featuring LED technology which replaces strobe incandescent lights. The LED lights, which last about 10 years longer than regular incandescent lighting, reduces the strain on the patrol car’s electrical system, resulting in longer component life with less maintenance and need for replacement.

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5 Comments on "Coral Gables Police patrol car fleet getting new look"

  1. That is the ugliest cop car I have ever seen.

  2. Not really too excited about this change, honestly I think the City of Coral Gables could have designed a better vehicle.

  3. That's pretty bad.

  4. sameoldstuff | May 6, 2014 at 11:58 am | Reply

    They have always had crappy designs on their cars. That design is a stock design that is on tons of other cars around the country. Probably got it from Gall's magazine. Not very exciting at all.

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