Dr. Shaun Patel & Dr. Michael Nguyen of Miami Skin and Vein: ‘World-class Skin and Vein Care in Coral Gables’

Dr. Patel and Dr. Nguyen

Dr. Patel and Dr. Nguyen

Coral Gables residents have a trusted new ally when it comes to treatments for varicose and spider veins as well as nonsurgical solutions for anti-aging woes. Harvard trained, board certified physicians Dr. Shaun Patel & Dr. Michael Nguyen, Medical Directors of Miami Skin and Vein, are explaining how breakthroughs in venous disease care and noninvasive, cosmetic treatments are fulfilling patients’ busy lifestyle needs without surgery and downtime.

Q: What sets Miami Skin and Vein apart from other clinics that treat veins?

Dr. Nguyen: What sets us apart is our thorough and multimodality treatment approach that results in an extremely low recurrence rate of treated veins. We do a thorough evaluation to make sure patients do not have an underlying cause for their vein problem. By using a combination of ultrasound and “vein lite” technology, we are able to search for and identify any underlying vein issues that may lead to what’s seen on the patient’s skin. It is extremely important to do this, because if the underlying issue is not treated, any treated veins will eventually return.

Q: Are your vein treatments covered by insurance and how can I be evaluated?

Dr. Nguyen: Most insurance companies will cover the treatment if the veins are accompanied by other symptoms such as pain, swelling, leg fatigue, and/or skin changes. We offer complimentary evaluations, and based on this evaluation we can determine if it’s a medically covered procedure or strictly cosmetic. If the procedure is covered, our office will work directly with the patient’s insurance company.

Q: What non surgical cosmetic options do you offer for patients who don’t want surgery?

Dr. Patel: We specialize in the latest treatments including CoolSculpting, Fraxel, Cutera Excel V Laser, and Ultherapy. From diminishing crow’s feet, frown, and forehead lines to adding cheek and lip volume, you can trust that we offer the latest, state of the art treatments available. We spend a great deal of time with patients during their complimentary consultation to design a treatment plan that will deliver the best possible results.

Q: What is the Miami Skin and Vein advantage?

Dr. Nguyen: We intertwine artistry with medical knowledge, carefully analyzing each patient’s unique facial structure and characteristics to promote the best, most aesthetically pleasing outcomes. Our patients also feel a great sense of confidence knowing both Medical Directors of Miami Skin and Vein are board certified, highly experienced physicians continuously striving to provide leading-edge care and bring breakthrough technologies to our patients.

For more information or to arrange a complimentary consultation at Miami Skin and Vein (2020 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables, St. 103) call 786-618-5039 or visit the website miamiskinandvein.com

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