Education for the real world

Education for the real worldStudents at the University of Southernmost Florida (USmF) are given the opportunity to grow in a nontraditional, career-driven environment from the time they begin classes until the moment they land the jobs they’ve worked so hard for.

Because USmF’s classes are taught by experts with recent and relevant experience, and in a way that students, in our president Dr. Steve Kerr’s words, can “learn it today and use it tomorrow,” students graduate with all the tools and skills they need to succeed in the workplace. And what better place is there to get a real-world education than downtown Coral Gables?

A major component of providing that real-world experience is our leadership, including Dr. Kerr. Dr. Kerr has extensive private sector experience andcurrently is a senior advisor to Goldman Sachs, where he was Goldman’s chief learning officer and a managing director from 2001 to 2006. Before that he was General Electric’s vice president of corporate leadership development, where he worked closely with Jack Welch and led GE’s renowned leadership-education center at Crotonville. His writings on leadership and “on the folly of rewarding A, while hoping for B” are among the most cited and reprinted in the management sciences.

Education for the real worldEstablished in 1977, University of Southernmost Florida (formerly Southern Career College) has provided students in Florida with a quality education for over 35 years. SCC was renamed University of Southernmost Florida (USmF) in 2013 to better reflect its multiple locations in South Florida. USmF offers on ground and distance learning programs with bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration, Mental Health Psychology and Nursing, master’s degrees in Nursing Leadership and Nursing Education and online certificate programs in International Policing Strategies.

On Sept. 24, USmF celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony and reception at the new Coral Gables campus with guests including Vice Mayor Frank C. Quesada, Commissioner Vince Lago, and city manager Cathy Swanson- Rivenbark.

The City of Coral Gables provides the perfect backdrop to the real-world education we hope to offer our students at USmF. Not only is it a historical and beautiful city, but it is also a bustling downtown with many diverse businesses and multi-national corporations to help grow our innovative programs.

While most traditional colleges have very isolated campuses, USmF is proud to provide its students with a true urban worklife experience in an incredibly central location in the heart of Miami. Our students, faculty and staff are very enthusiastic about this new vibrant location, and we are especially excited to join with the City of Coral Gables in celebrating its 90th anniversary. We hope to build a great future together that contributes to the energy of the city and shapes what will be the next great 90 years of our City Beautiful.

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