Efiie Consulting Group Announces Launch of Education Management Service

Efiie Offers Consulting Services to Students and Parents for Proper Placement in College or University


Efiie Consulting Group, LLC, (the “Company”)(Efiie), a private firm offering consulting services to students and their parents, using a unique approach, assisting with the placement into the right college or university based on a systematic approach of college search and application positioning, announced today that it has officially launched its Education Management Service.

Many high school students and undergraduate college students base their choice of university or college enrollment on the college marketing efforts, the most recognized school, or the pressure of peers and family to attend a prestigious or particular establishment. This process has proven detrimental to the student’s future and extremely costly for parents. According to a recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, a majority of students are either under-matching (students do not apply to or enroll in the best colleges likely to admit them), or overmatching, (students enroll at institutions that could be much better academically than perhaps is appropriate for the given student).

While there are many companies that help with the placement of students to college, Efiie Consulting Group, LLC provides a solution for the student applicant, helping to match the applicant’s toolbox (knowledge, skills, talents, aspirations, dreams, goals, etc.), to the right school. “The odds of acceptance are truly daunting,” says Jude Chan, Efiie’s Founder and President. “Stanford accepts less than 8% of applicants and Harvard less than 12%, yet many believe that as much as 80% of those who apply at top schools are fully qualified to attend and succeed. It is the execution on an application that often plays a significant role. Small imperfections, ranging from a below-average grade point average to academic and social track records, can torpedo a person who would otherwise be a shoo-in.”

The announced launch of Efiie’s Education Management Service comes at a time when more and more students need help to gain entrance to the “right” schools. Efiie helps with the application process, provides coaching for writing essays, prepares the students for entrance tests and provides instruction for interviewing well. The company provides all the services required for admission to the college or university, including advice regarding financial aid and scholarships.

“It is devastating for the student that spends a lot of time, energy, and money to pursue a vocation or career that they were never meant to do,” says Chan. “On the other hand, it is extremely satisfying for all involved to help steer a student toward a fulfilling calling. An example is when a client came to us with an interest in becoming a surgeon. We placed him with a top orthopedic surgeon for a full month of experience to see what a day in the life of that career is really like. At the end of the internship, the student decided he did not want to pursue medicine and we saved him years of time and money. He spent some time in a volunteer law position and went to law school instead. This is what differentiates Efiie from ordinary placement firms.”

About Efiie Consulting Group, LLC: Efiie Consulting Group, LLC (Efiie) is a private firm committed to a certain number of students per year whom the company believes can truly make a difference in the student’s application positioning. The company offers consulting services to students and their parents in order to get students placed in the right college/university and in the right course. Efiie saves valuable time normally spent by aspirants and their parents in searching, comparing, and analyzing the colleges and the courses. Efiie is an expert in this field and has a proven, systematic approach in college search and application positioning. Efiie assists in the assessment of the colleges and the aspirant’s aptitude and capabilities which helps in correct application positioning. Efiie carries out in-depth interviews of both the aspirants and the parents to target the most suitable set of colleges according to their personality, interests and financial needs. Efiie helps the applicant to make the right choices.

Efiie provides suggestions for reaping the best benefits from the various taxation policies. The company also offers pre-professionals (pre-med, pre-law) students an enhancement program which places them in volunteer experiences to aid them with applying and being accepted to a professional school. The company places students in volunteer programs, helps them build relationships with the right persons who can recommend them, and also helps the applicant to construct “brag sheets.” Efiie is a full service firm that makes the application process seamless while keeping to deadlines so the applicant can focus on studies and not the application process. For additional information, contact: Jude Chan Efiie Consulting Group, LLC. 115 Medeira Ave. First Floor Coral Gables, FL 33134 T: 888-244-3703 T: 786-233-8515 F: 786-217-1412 www.Efiie.com


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