EMS Employee Mobility Solutions held a Breakfast Symposium at the Miami International Airport

Ana Gazarian-CEO of Employee Mobility Solutions and Desmond Alufohai-Int.
Ana Gazarian- CEO of Employee Mobility Solutions and Desmond

EMS Employee Mobility Solutions, a global provider of global immigration and employee relocation services for multinational corporations, held a breakfast symposium focused on HR Mobility: Global Immigration & Relocation. The event took place at the Miami International Airport at the second level of terminal E.

This event, hosted in collaboration with the Miami International Airport and Miami Dade County, aimed to provide its participants with first-hand information on everything related to Relocation and Worldwide Immigration to Miami, challenges organizations have faced throughout the relocation process and to assist families who are in transition.

The topics covered at the symposium were:
• South Florida as a gateway to Europe and the Americas
• HR and immigration challenges
• How to handle families that are in transition worldwide

“It is impossible to think of Miami without thinking of how it has become the gateway to Latin America. Many global organizations in Europe, Asia and Latin America use Miami as their entry to the U.S. market. This symposium, led by our panel of experts in human resources and immigration issues, will be the kick off for supporting more of these businesses interested in this market,” said Hugo Huerta, Corporate Development Manager of the Americas for EMS.

Ana Gazarian Chief Executive Officer for EMS – Employee Mobility Solutions concluded: “When thinking of relocating an employee to Latin America many issues need to be taken into account such as cultural nuances, personal security, language barriers and the simple fact that many things don’t work as quick as here in the U.S. This is why we need to plan ahead, by doing this we can help employees settle in quicker and be prepared for any scenario that may appear at these locations.”

About EMS Employee Mobility Solutions
EMS Employee Mobility Solutions is an international provider of global immigration and employee relocation services for clients across the globe. EMS operates from several offices worldwide serving over 65 countries. For more information visit www.ems-ir.com

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