Facebook: A unique marketing opportunity for your small business

By Juan Colome….

Maximize internet traffic and you can increase your income.

In November 2006, Facebook pages were released as an advertising platform. Before the launch, internet marketers simply purchased advertising to promote their products and services. Thanks to Facebook, internet marketers now have an entirely unique opportunity to market products and services.

The great thing about Facebook is that it is designed to encourage brand loyalty. Once you have a satisfied customer, that customer will be able to visit your page repeatedly and become a fan of your business. In fact, fans can even write what they think of your products or services on your Facebook page “wall.”

You will now be able to build a presence on Facebook for your business, rather than just merely creating or posting an advertisement. Facebook encourages people to visit your page and spread the word about your business.

As a business owner, you will also be able to encourage interaction with your customers by posting photos, videos and participating in group discussions. You can also send updates to your fans about new products and services you are offering. You can add different kinds of applications, which will further encourage repeat visits and more people to join your group, or become a fan of your page.

Basically, Facebook offers word of mouth advertising – for FREE!

With more than 700 million active subscribers on Facebook and counting, you will see that advertising on Facebook is definitely worth your time. With figures such as these, every internet marketer realizes that this is a tremendous marketing opportunity.

Facebook allows you to interact with other people. You can make new friends, or new customers, and encourage them to spread your good news. With its highly interactive features, you will see that advertising is easier and very effective on Facebook. You will generate more targeted traffic to your site and ultimately, your business. With this comes increased sales and profits.

Remember, you need to create a great business Facebook page and keep it updated in order to attract and keep fans. As with any marketing campaign, you need to work at it. Adding people as your friends extends your network and results in more visits your Facebook page.

Remember these Facebook tips and you can be sure that your business will grow. With Facebook marketing, advertising your business will be easier, more fun and more profitable. Facebook advertising is effective and free, so join Facebook and reap the rewards.

About the author:
Juan Colome is the founder and CEO of Infoseek Technologies, Inc., located in Coconut Grove. His company specializes in helping local businesses build a meaningful online presence by offering effective SEO, social media, mobile and video marketing.

He has 12 years experience working with small business owners and strives to secure more customers for his clients.

When not marketing to local businesses, he spends time with family and enjoys deep-sea fishing and an occasional sky dive.  He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Miami and is also a Microsoft Certified System Engineer, Novell and Cisco Certified Network Engineer.

Juan Colome can be reached at 786-447-7948.

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