Fire and life safety is part of Jobie’s Fun Day 2010

By Robert Hamilton….

Jobie welcomes Sparky, the Fire Dog, to join in the fun.

Kids and smiles go together naturally, and that is why the Junior Orange Bowl Committee’s very own mascot “Jobie” dedicates a special day to Miami-Dade’s special needs students.

Imagine an event where hundreds of kids can take a day off and just have fun. That is what Jobie’s Fun Day is all about. The Coral Gables Fire Department provided an important lesson about fire and life safety to all participants.

The Dec. 10 event was named after the Junior Orange Bowl mascot, Jobie, and was created especially for South Florida’s special needs students. Offered throughout the day were exciting games; hands-on activities; display booths; live demonstrations, and lots of outdoor fun at Camp Choee, headquarters of the Girl Scout Council of Tropical Florida. The event not only provided a tremendous reward for the volunteers, but also is the ultimate field trip for South Florida’s special needs students.

This year, at the invitation of event chair Nancy Little, the Coral Gables Fire Department sent the Fire Safety Trailer, along with mascot Sparky, the Fire Dog. Together Sparky and the other volunteers shared the important message of fire and life safety in a fun, entertaining way with more than 1,200 children in attendance.

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