First plug-in hybrid MINI Cooper now available in Miami

MINI Cooper takes charge with its first plug-in hybrid.

MINI Cooper takes charge with its first plug-in hybrid.

It was only a year ago that the 2017 MINI Cooper Countryman debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show, boasting a new generation and full redesign built specifically to conquer the premium compact crossover segment. It made brand history as the biggest MINI ever produced. Now, just a little more than a year later, the Countryman adds another entry to the history books as the first-ever hybrid-electric, openly-available MINI.

This fittingly unique take on hybrid driving is available in Miami car dealerships now. The MINI Countryman S E Cooper All4 pairs a 3-cylinder 1.5-liter turbo engine with an 87bhp electric motor, yielding an impressive 221BHP, which is nearly 30BHP more than the regular Cooper S. The electric side of things is charged by a 7.6kWh battery stored in the rear. Three driving options are available: Auto eDrive, Max eDrive and Save Battery. Auto eDrive strikes a harmony between gas and electric, prioritizing the use of the electric charge for a range of about 26 miles, with the combustion engine kicking in only when reaching speeds beyond 50MPH or when rapidly accelerating. Max eDrive prioritizes use of the electric drive all the way up to 78MPH – the gas engine remains inactive in almost every scenario. Save Battery mode does just what its name implies, favoring the gas engine and even charging the battery as you go.

The MINI Countryman S E Cooper All4 is a MINI at heart that’s engineered by BMW, so it goes without saying that performance is impressive. It reaches 0-62MPH in about 6.8 seconds, which is actually a little faster than the regular Cooper S Countryman. Despite the additional curb weight from the battery, the MINI Countryman S E Cooper All4 is no slouch in handling, either. It delivers the traditional thrilling ride for which MINI models are known – it is athletic, eager and the transition between gas and electric modes are as seamless as they are automatic. Toss in MINI’s all-wheel drive All4 system and you get a stable, confident ride along with that exhilarating drive character, even on unsurfaced or uneven terrain.

And it is as eager and capable as the conventional MINI Countryman to explore new horizons with its impressive cargo space, comfortable seating for five and a generous suite of premium features that come standard. It will happily charge from a standard outlet, a dedicated wall box, or not charge at all. Because it runs on gas, electric or both, you have a flexible range of options. Charging it is entirely optional.

The curious and the conscientious can check out the MINI Countryman S E Cooper All4’s wholly new approach to hybrid driving via a hands-on product demonstration at South Motors MINI today.

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  1. The new MINI Countryman plug-in Hybrid has arrived at Braman MINI Of Miami!
    Contact me at 305-322-8527 or to schedule a test drive in this Limited Hybrid model! Only 4 available in the entire state of FLORIDA!

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