Free High Holiday Services set by Chabad in Downtown Coral GablesFree High Holiday Services set by Chabad in Downtown Coral Gables

In anticipation of the upcoming Jewish New Year (Sept. 4-6, Sept. 13-14), Chabad in Downtown Coral Gables has announced its High Holiday Services. They will be “warm, friendly, traditional, and open to all,” said Rabbi Avrohom Stolik, Chabad’s executive director.

The services will be refreshingly casual and easy to follow, whether one’s background in Jewish prayer and practice is extensive or limited. The English-Hebrew prayer book, along with song and commentary, will make everyone an active participant. The kids will enjoy special Tot and Youth interactive programs.

Unlike many congregations, membership is not required to join. All are welcome, free of charge, regardless of background or affiliation.

“According to tradition, at the New Year the Doors of Heaven are open; God accepts all prayers, from anyone,” Rabbi Stolik said. “The least we can do is open our doors as well to the entire community.”

Services will be held on Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year (Sept. 4-6), as well as Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement (Sept. 13-14). They will take place at various times at 2030 S. Douglas Rd, Suite 117, Coral Gables.

In preparation for the High Holidays, Chabad will be hosting two events open to the community. The first, “A Taste of the High Holidays,” is a fascinating and informative lecture on the deeper meaning of the High Holidays. Enjoy a taste of the New Year with a delicious display of holiday delights at no charge. RSVP to or call 305-490-7572.

The second, a “Pre Rosh Hashanah Challah Bake Off,” is hosted by The Jewish Women’s Circle for women only. Come learn everything you “knead” to know to make your own Challah from start to finish. Learn fascinating insights of this meaningful mitzvah. Take home your own Challah for the holidays. Donation is $15. RSVP to

For reservations and more information for High Holiday Services, or about Chabad, call 305-490-7572 or send email or visit

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