Glen Johnson: From the Ring to Boot Camp


Glen “The Road Warrior” Johnson

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]rom humble beginnings, Glengoffe Donovan Johnson, better known as former light heavyweight champion Glen “The Road Warrior” Johnson, has a special relationship with the art of boxing. After leaving his hometown of Claredon, Jamaica at the age of 15 for Miami, Florida, he progressed to a professional level of affinity with the high energy sports.

Motivated to escape poverty, his career blossomed into a streak of successive victories, culminating with his world title bout against England’s Clinton Woods in 2004.  This victory gained him the title of 2004’s Fighter of the Year, making him one of the most recognized fighters in boxing. Though one of his most memorable fights was his IBF light heavyweight championship match against Roy Jones Jr. in 2004, ending in a victory that allowed him to retain his title.

When asked about how he began his journey into the field of competitive boxing, Johnson goes back to the first five years of his life in Miami. As a young man, he felt as though he did not choose to become a boxer, the sport itself chose him.

“Boxing chose me. I was 20 years old and overweight.  I started looking for a gym to exercise and found a P.A.L. boxing gym.”- Glen Johnson

During his career, Johnson admits that there were challenging parts of his training, such as losing weight for fights and learning boxing techniques. Though his best experience came from his 1997 IBF middleweight title match with opponent Bernard Hopkins.

Outside of the ring, Glen keeps his experiences with the community close from keeping up with his own favorite boxers: his previous top pick “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler to current favorite, Terence Crawford, to his own boot camp. His dedication to the art of boxing allows his students to undergo regiments designed to bring out the best of their abilities:

It’s a high energy level, great cardio/core, well thought-out, fun, boxing routines!”

Glen Johnson's Fitness & Boxing Boot Camp

He also heads his own regiment of 1-on-1 personal training, and training for amateur and professional boxers. But there is some advice that Johnson wants to share with any up and coming young boxers:

“Pay attention to details of the boxing techniques, be consistent with your training and work hard on your craft.”

 Both Johnson and his boot camp are bringing the fighting spirit that comes with boxing to anyone who wants to learn about the ring. To those who want to learn about the high intensity style of boxing, join Glen Johnson in the ring.


For more information about Glen Johnson’s Fitness/Boxing Boot Camp, email or call  305-733-2123


Johnson vs. Jones Jr.

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  1. Roy was the greatest pound for pound. His lightning hand speed was phenomenal. He stayed around too long and lesser boxers were able to beat him, a la Ali.

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