Lane Jones combines work with charitable endeavors

Lane Jones combines work with charitable endeavors

Lane Jones combines work with charitable endeavors

Lane Jones is a very bright, industrious,handsome and well-spoken man who manages to juggle many responsibilities with incredible ease.

While he is chief investment officer and a principal of the private wealth management firm Evensky & Katz in Coral Gables, he also dedicates countless hours to charitable efforts. Lane is not only involved with several professional associations but also currently serves as chair of the Baptist Children’s Hospital Foundation.

In this role Jones has a passion for its mission, explaining that the hospital is so well run that the need to raise money to keep on the lights is not a concern. Consequently, they are able to fund things that enhance the patient care and experience.

This pediatric hospital is a gem that he loves to promote. In fact, when he decided to become more involved in community outreach, he looked for something that resonated with him. As a husband, married to Macarena, and father of twins, Ashli and Luke, he chose to focus his energy with children and Baptist Children’s Hospital. Before taking on the chairmanship of the Foundation, he served on the board for several years learning the ropes and becoming a great spokesperson.

While Jones hales from California, he moved to Miami in 1979, and graduated from Miami Killian High. During his high school days he volunteered time teaching economics, and so it is no wonder he became a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Financial Planner. He earned his BS in Finance at the University of Florida where he graduated with honors.

Lane is listed in Medical Economics 2012 “Best Financial Advisors for Doctors,” is a member of the CFA Institute and was a founding member of the Miami-Dade County Chapter of the Financial Planning Association (FPA). He also served as vice president of the Gold Coast Chapter of the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) for four years and as an advisor to NASAA on the development of state securities licensing exams.

Jones is a recurring commentator for CBS4 and part of their “4 Your Money” team, and is regularly quoted in local and national media, including the Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Newsweek, Daily Business Review, The Miami Herald, Sun-Sentinel, and Smart Money.

When Jones is not working, volunteering or playing with children, he loves to golf, go fishing and read. As a Florida Gator, Lane enjoyed traveling to Gainesville for a few football games every year but as his commitments grow, the time to make those trips becomes harder to find.

Our community is certainly fortunate to have a man so willing to donate his time and energy to support worthy causes.

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