Local artists commemorate historical White Way Lights

Local artists commemorate historical White Way Lights

Pictured (l-r) are four of the eight contributing artists: Diego Quiros, Karelia Martinez Carbonell, Alice Goldhagen and Carlos Barbon.

Eight local artists are contributing to art in public places by creating original images to commemorate the decorative historically designated White Way Lights and benefit the Historic Preservation Association of Coral Gables (HPA CG).

The artists’ original artworks will be offered for auction on Oct. 18 at the “Face of History” fundraising event. Proceeds will benefit the restoration, maintenance, and preservation of the historically designated White Way Lights.

Ninety years ago, Coral Gables city planners and visionaries were influenced by the aesthetics of the City Beautiful Movement popular in the early 1900s which encouraged the use of wide tree-lined avenues, monumental buildings, winding roadways, green space, ornate plazas, and fountains.

The effect of the “White Way” lighting was for increased beauty as well as to illuminate the streets and sidewalks in the business and residential sections of Coral Gables. The White Way lights project places Merrick as an early advocate of “art in public places.”

HPACG thanks its event sponsors Lustau, CrepeMaker.

HPACG is grateful to the eight contributing artists for their unique rendition of the historic and decorative White Way streetlights.

Carlos Barbón is a Cuban-born artist and a graduate of Florida State University with a BA degree in art and a minor in art history. Carlos has been awed by Coral Gables’ beauty with its well-designed plans, wide streets, and old world charm. His favorite medium is watercolors. He is a member of the Miami Watercolor Society.

Local artists commemorate historical White Way Lights

Don Queralto, another contributing artist.

Claudia Bardasano was born in Cartago, Colombia and grew up in Venezuela. She studied with teacher Pablo Benavides from age 10. Since 1980 she has widely exposed her work in Venezuela, United States and France. In 1993, she moved to the United States. Claudia’s studio is in Coral Cables and is open to the public twice a year for her exhibitions.

Jessica Fiallo has been involved with photography since childhood. Her early exposure to the camera developed into a love for photography and her youthful curiosity of things and places allows her to transcend the glass of the lens, immerse herself in the subject, and become part of the moment to offer the viewer a fresh slice of time — a fraction of a second renewed by her practical view of the world. Her own words describe it best: “My goal is to fragment the day into singular moments — instants — that we can then enjoy unblemished by all the pollutants of our surrounding environment.”

Jorge Fornes was born in La Habana, Cuba. He studied art and sculpture at the “San Alejandro” Academy and graduated in Graphic Design at the National School of Applied Arts, La Habana, Cuba.Jorge was Special Numismatic Designer at the National Bank of Cuba, Cuban Coin Enterprise and Numismatic Museum. He designed coins, bills, medals and plaques. In 1979, he formed “Op-Art Cuban Group” with Ernesto Briel, Elena Serrano and Morales. Jorge is recipient of more than 11 Awards and distinctions and has more than 22 Exhibitions in Cuba, United States, Mexico and Czech Republic.

Alice Goldhagen is a Miami-based visual artist and photographer. Alice has an ongoing passion for Europe — especially France and Italy. She brings a 21st Century perspective to images from both the cities and countryside of different European countries. For over 25 years she has traveled extensively through the French and Italian countryside and cities capturing the essence, charm, and spirit of these countries.

Karelia Martinez Carbonell is an independent fundraising and communications consultant after many years employed in the not-for-profit sector. She is an amateur photographer. Photography is one of her passions and considers it a favorite pastime. One of her images was selected as part of the inaugural Capture Coral Gables Exhibit at the Coral Gables Museum. Karelia currently is president of the Historic Preservation Association of Coral Gables.

Don Queralto has been documenting buildings and landscapes for 39 years. He has traveled through North and South America and the Caribbean capturing the essence of his subjects. He studied architecture, art and photography and was influenced by Stieglitz, Adams and his mentors, Wilson Hicks and Phillip Brodatz. He is a photographic instructor and Master Printer and is currently working with artists documenting paintings and sculptures.

Diego Quiros spent his early childhood in Spain and traveled to the United States by himself at age 10. His photographs have been featured at the Zhu-B Art Gallery in Chicago, and at various galleries in Miami, including Books and Books, KROMA and the Deering Estate where he had the privilege of being an Artist in Residence. Diego also is an accomplished writer.

The Historic Preservation Association of Coral Gables is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 1991. The Association promotes the understanding of the importance of historic resources and their preservation.

For more information, visit www.historiccoralgables.org.

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