2007wellnessbuildingFloridean Nursing Home celebrates 70 years of service from old folks home to babyboomer rehab

“I am proud to carry on the tradition and continue to meet the nursing and rehab needs of our community. Nursing care has dramatically changed in seventy years, and Floridean continues to be on the forefront expanding our facility and services as healthcare evolves for our generation.” Kelley Rice-Schild, great-granddaughter of founder

This year marks seventy years that the Floridean has been in operation. The oldest nursing home in Miami, it began as a business venture for Jack R. Rice’s mother, Florence (Flori) Dean, which is why it was named Floridean. Through multiple additions and renovations, the services are state of the art to meet the needs of a changing patient population. In 1944 the going rate for a patient’s stay was $3.33 a day, and most came to Floridean in their advanced years intending to stay forever. Today, the average stay is only three weeks for patient’s receiving therapy and rehab and the average age is closer to 77 years old. With five-star service and amenities, Floridean Wellness Center was designed with the goal to rehabilitate patients quickly and comprehensively.

Julia and Jack Rice

What started as a three person operation has expanded to nine separate departments and more than 175 employees to provide services to our patients. The Floridean, whose mission is to meet and exceed the expectations of patients and their families by providing excellent care, is proud to celebrate seventy years of doing so.

Where Patients are Guests…

The Floridean is one of the most respected rehabilitation centers in Miami.
Our team of experienced doctors, therapists and nurses will assist you when recovering from a stroke, accident or surgery. Their focus is to restore you back to your active lifestyle as quickly as possible.

For more information about this topic, please contact Kelley Rice-Schild at 305-649-2911 ext. 2011 or email at kschild@floridean.com.

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