Mosquitoes on the Rampage: How I Got My Yard Back!

mosquito-in-miami [dropcap]M[/dropcap]iami’s subtropical climate makes it a great place to just lie around and relax, especially in your own backyard. Of course, the drawbacks to this nice weather are the other things that appreciate the humidity too, namely all manner of mosquitoes. South Florida has always had its bug problems, but I’m honestly sick of having to always deal with those blood suckers harassing me, or my family whenever we go outside.

I’ve always been careful around my home by never leaving any standing water, always cleaning the fixtures weekly, and trying everything I’ve read online to keep myself from being a bug buffet, but they’ve never let up. It’s been a nightmare, especially with all of those news reports about mosquito borne diseases flying around.

I’ve tried every conceivable repellent on the market, everything from lamps, candles, diffusers, even natural liquid and those little briquettes you use to kill their larvae. At best, I’ve had one or two good days but they’re just endless annoyances for me. Especially with all of our family barbecues and picnics, because I don’t want all of those terrible smelling candles lying around, since they don’t even work for that long. And we honestly don’t have the cash to pay for an expensive home misting, or want any of those artificial chemicals around our children. Is there a service that provides pest control that’ll keep our property’s mosquito populations down enough so we can enjoy our backyard again? Maybe the internet has the answers I’m looking for?

After some deep thinking and more exhaustive research, I came across this company that knows what it’s talking about: One Two Tree Pest Control and Tree Service. They’re a pest control company that specializes in organic treatments that have proven to be effective at keeping mosquitoes away.

Maybe we should try One Two Tree for our home? Of course, hoping for the best I gave them a call and told them about our situation. I signed up for their mosquito control program, and received my initial treatment for free.

A couple of days later, I received a call from the company informing me that they were sending one of their operators to my property. The next day, sure enough he arrived on schedule and introduced himself with a polite, professional manner. He presented his credentials, and explained what he was going to do to help control our mosquito problem.

He treated the perimeter around our house, including our trees and shrubbery. After he was finished, there was this feeling of calm and peace in the air. Thanks to his work and the dry weather, there was a drastic improvement in the population of insects that used to bother us, not just the mosquitoes were gone but even the smaller pests, like flies and gnats.

Take it from me, if you want to enjoy your backyard again this summer, give them a call or check out their site for more information.

I’ve regained my backyard from summertime pests, so can you!

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