MOVE+ Team at Coral Gables Counseling Center Helps Clients Get the Motivation to Create A Healthy Lifestyle

Many call it exercise, but we like to call it movement. There are so many stigmas attached to the word exercise that it actually has an opposite effect on the average person’s motivation to increase heart rate and feel better. Sometimes when we hear the word “exercise,” we have automatic thoughts of an old fashioned gym; then thoughts of pushing, grunting, straining, and the tired old phrase, “no pain no gain,” comes to mind. The reality of it is that exercise comes in many forms and it’s not about just the gym or working harder, it’s about movement. It’s about enjoying what you do and how you approach what fits in your daily schedule; it’s about being smarter.

Many men and women who struggle with weight issues are told to exercise more or to just “get up and move!” Well don’t they think you know this? If it was only that simple! The reality of it is that there are deeper issues at hand sometimes that prevent us from moving our bodies. To move, or even to get movement in, we need motivation and desire. We need to know for ourselves that there is a chance to get something positive out of the movements we do. Though society will always present its own expectations for what is considered exercise, there are alternatives. Exercise doesn’t have to involve a gym, other people, or any other old stereotype: It can start with an increase in physical movement, and it can happen anywhere.

That is why we, at Coral Gables Counseling Center, are big believers in movement that is fun, positive and enriching. Even though that might sound impossible to the person who does not enjoy exercise, it’s actually not. Finding the right movement is a matter of getting to know yourself, having self-compassion, and not raising the bar so high that you can’t keep up. It is vital that you understand your own process, including the way your brain and body work. We are all different, and that’s important to remember.

At Coral Gables Counseling Center the MOVE+ team of Courtney and Emy work with men and women on their mental and physical wellbeing. We work with many men and women that struggle with their weight and have an unhealthy relationship with food and movement. There’s little education in our society of the deeper issues of this struggle but it is real. We help clients get to the root of their struggles, understand their own processes and become healthy physically and mentally. It starts with a team that understands you and helps you to change your self-talk, create self-compassion and have less judgment. Along the way, we help you plan your movements so that you are comfortable with each step. With each step, we help you find the type of motivation that works best for you. We’ll help you redefine movement.

Coral Gables Counseling Center helps clients on the path to wellness. Our staff strives to help each person identify areas that could benefit from therapeutic interventions and to learn how to make choices that help achieve health and wellbeing.

Our MOVE+ Healthy Lifestyle Team – COURTNEY AND EMY:
Courtney Pastner is a psychotherapist with a strong background in both the mental and physical aspects of health. She helps clients to overcome mental blocks and deeper issues so that they can create and maintain a healthy life-style, both mentally and physically.

Emy Fernandez works with clients that are struggling to find a customized weight loss program that will help them see results within the first week while assisting them in making a lifestyle change.

Call the Coral Gables Counseling Center at 305-445-0477 and ask for a FREE consultation with the “MOVE+” team!


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