My Tobacconist Smoke Shop offers premier products and good vibe

My Tobacconist Smoke Shop offers premier products and good vibe

The friendly team at My Tobacconist Smoke Shop will help you find what you are looking for and more.

A tobacconist is an expert dealer in tobacco and its related accoutrements.

My Tobacconist Smoke Shop in Palmetto Bay definitely lives up to its name. The shop is home to South Florida’s largest selection of hookah, hookah accessories and tobacco, premium cigarettes, pipes, pipe tobacco and more.

My Tobacconist recently celebrated its fourth anniversary and its move to a new 1,600-square-foot location on Fern Street — nearly double the size of its original location. The expanded space has allowed owners Ben Carrasco and Wendy Gochenour to fill the walls of their shop with more than 100 hookahs, ranging in price from $20-$250.

Customers can choose from more than 80 different hookah tobacco flavors, including such popular brands as Starbuzz Tobacco, Social Smoke, Fantasia and Haze. For those who would like to enjoy smoking hookah without nicotine, My Tobacconist also offers a variety of non tobacco alternatives.

Carrasco and his staff host a wildly popular exhibition, demonstration and celebration of hookah smoking every Wednesday evening. Hookah Nite allows customers to experience hookahs and try new flavors while mingling with friends in the indoor lounge and outdoor patio.

At My Tobacconist, customers will find a vast selection of premium cigarettes, cigarette tobacco, rolling papers and clove cigars from many of the world’s premier tobacco manufacturers including Nat Sherman, Natural American Spirit, Djarum, Elements, Dutch Masters and RAW.

“I’ve developed relationships with wellknown national and international manufacturers to offer our customers the very best products at the best prices,” Carrasco said.

Pipe smoking is making a comeback. My Tobacconist proudly stocks American-made hand-blown glass pipes, a good choice for the modern pipe smoker. Glass pipes can be blown into many forms and shapes and many even change color with use. Hand-blown, highly collectible and totally unique, each pipe is a stunning work of art.

“We proudly support American glassblowers and don’t carry any imported glass,” Carrasco added.

Pipe enthusiasts also will discover that My Tobacconist has the largest selection of traditional briar wood pipes in South Florida.

“These classic wooden pipes are like the ones your grandfather smoked,” Carrasco said.

Hand-carved meerschaum pipes imported from Turkey make great gifts. These quality pipes are carved from single blocks of meerschaum, a mineral mined by hand in the same traditional methods used hundreds of years ago.

For a healthier way to “smoke” try a vaporizer from Silver Surfer, Magic-Flight or Atmos. Vaporizers heat the tobacco in a partial vacuum, and the active compounds are then boiled off to form a vapor that can be inhaled. This process releases zero tar making vaporizing the healthiest way to “smoke.” My Tobacconist offers a full range of vaporizers and accessories.

Carrasco and his knowledgeable staff help their customers select the perfect product. Wander the shop and you will find unique treasures not found elsewhere: Novelty Tshirts and bags, jewelry, incense, candles, posters, wind chimes, masks and local art objects. If you’re looking for a hip Bob Marley item, My Tobacconist has that, too.

Stop by My Tobacconist Smoke Shop and stay awhile. The company is friendly, free coffee is brewing and the vibe is great.

My Tobacconist Smoke Shop is located in Fern Street Plaza at 9869 E. Fern St., in Palmetto Bay. For more information, call 305-378-9223 or visit online at

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