Orange Theory Fitness set to make impact on Gables

Mike and Christina Singer will be opening their fifth workout facility in Coral Gables.

Mike and Christina Singer will be opening their fifth workout facility in Coral Gables.

Mike and Christina Singer are no strangers to healthy entrepreneurialism. With a combined 40 years experience in working the community into shape, the owners of Pinecrest Pilates and Orange Theory Fitness Pinecrest are currently on the verge of unveiling their newest entry in what has been a life’s passion of fitness and wellbeing.

Located at 2300 Salzedo St. and set to open between late December and early January, Orange Theory Fitness offers a new and exciting amalgam of time-tested exercises complemented by modern fitness theory. Taking the increasingly busy schedules of modern society into consideration, every group workout session offered lasts exactly one hour; no more, no less.

“Orange Theory is an exercise based on science,” said owner Mike Singer. “Each workout is what I would call ‘the perfect combination,’ adequately fulfilling our need for cardiovascular strength and endurance, resistance training both large and small muscle groups, and includes flexibility and core strength exercises.”

Although the exercise regimen described sounds quite similar to most well-developed modern workouts, all comparisons should end there; modern physiological science played a great role in Orange Theory’s conception. Created by local fitness icon Ellen Latham, the system is based on excess postexercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), also known as metabolic after-burn.

“All of our participants wear a cardio GX heart rate monitor that wirelessly transmits their age-adjusted heart rate into five colorcoded zones on flat screen TVs in our studios,” Singer said.

The goal is to spend between 12 and 20 minutes in the orange zone during each workout. This results in an after-burn effect on the body’s metabolism that can last up to 36 hours after finishing one session. When combined with a food-coaching program, Orange Theory participants have an average weight loss of 5 and 10 pounds a week for women and men, respectively.

“Essentially, you will be burning more calories even in your sleep,” Singer said.

The facilities will be outfitted fully with state-of-the-art equipment, from inclined treadmills to rowing machines, chosen specifically for use with the Orange Theory fitness system’s emphasis on functional training. All the latest toys, such as Bosu balls, kettle bells, suspension trainers and scooters are there as well, ensuring that no training session will ever run the risk of becoming monotonous.

Workout sessions at Orange Fitness are done in groups at very affordable rates. Members can set their desired schedules easily online and classes are offered as early as 5:30 a.m. to as late as 8 p.m. with roughly 50 classes offered weekly. Though a variety of classes are offered, each class can be expected to cost $10 unless you sign up for their unlimited class package.

Because of the flexibility the system offers as a result of its age-adjusted heart rate monitors and group setting, Orange Theory is especially unique in that any given group can consist of a wide range of age groups, from teenagers to senior citizens. Although it is still a high-intensity workout and may be unsuitable for people with certain health limitations, the system was designed to accommodate all levels of fitness.

In the week leading up to their grand opening, Mike and Christina Singer and the rest of the Orange Theory crew will be offering free mock classes and inviting everyone in the community to come, participate and see if they like it. For the latest news, visit the official website at <> or call the center directly at 305-460-6006.

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