Prime Window and Door values service, quality


Prime Window and Door values service, quality

Robert Herrera, pictured with his son RJ and wife Kelly, founded Prime Window and Door after more than two decades in the impact window and door business.

Few people know the impact window and door business as well as Robert Herrera, Prime Window and Door president and founder. In fact, it’s the only business the South Florida native has known.

After graduating from high school in 1993, Herrera joined his father in working at Keller Industries, a window and door factory whose impact-resistant line eventually was sold to Progressive Glass Technology (PGT) Industries.

Herrera advanced through nearly every department in the company, beginning on the window assembly line, transitioning into service and repair, and eventually making his way to installation.

“I’ve been working with the same product for more than 23 years, since before they were even branded as PGT,” Herrera said. “I know the product, codes, Notices of Acceptance, pressures and everything else that goes with installing and ensuring the structural integrity of windows and doors. It’s an ongoing education; codes and materials change over time, so I stay up to date with all of it.”

This year, he finally decided to strike out on his own. A family owned and operated business, Prime Window and Door provides expert sales and home installation services featuring top-of-the-line impact windows and doors from elite manufacturers including PGT, CGI, Custom Window Systems and Lawson Industries. Herrera applies his expertise to every job the company takes on, a personal touch he believes separates him from the competition.

“Even though I’m the owner, it’s important to me that I am part of the process from start to finish to make sure things go as smoothly as possible,” he said. “Our personal attention to the customer and our dedication to detail is of the utmost importance. There is a seamlessness to our service. A lot of our business depends on customer referrals, so we want to keep you as happy as possible.”

According to Herrera, there are numerous reasons why Miami residents would want to upgrade to impact windows and doors beyond the obvious ones of safety from the elements and security from intrusion.

In most cases, unless an entire structure is protected, insurance policies are up to 50 percent more expensive if no shutters or impact windows are in place. This costliness extends to energy expenses as well; impact windows and doors reduce the amount of heat that enters a house, thus reducing cooling costs.

Because they eliminate the need for shutters altogether, impact windows and doors are a simple, aesthetically pleasing solution for Floridians who enjoy traveling with peace of mind in knowing that their home will remain protected while they are gone.

“It’s just more pleasing to look at because there aren’t any shutters,” he said. “Your house looks good and is protected 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about going out of town during hurricane season.”

Like any person who takes pride in his life’s work, Herrera is dedicated to its processes and strives to get the job done correctly and affordably. Now with his own business to back up the standards he has upheld for years for others, he guarantees the best possible value and service he can to his customers.

“When I first come to assess your property, I’m not in and out in 15 minutes, which you see a lot,” he said. “I’ll stay for as long as it takes so that the customer can feel comfortable and confident in the process, my business and the service I provide. I’m not there to push what I want, I’m there to find out what your needs are and provide options to meet those needs.”

Prime Window and Door is located at 4812 SW 75 Ave. For more information call 305-267-7463 or visit

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