Readers respond to column on Matheson Hammock Park

To the Editor:

Arrogance, cruelty, and selfishness are the traits of some of the people on School House Road. That they want to block off the dog park is no surprise.

As a neighbor of these people on close-by Banyan Drive, I am one of those who endure ongoing battles with some of these people.

Only this morning — 6.30 a.m. — I had to deal with a young man (20s) who was letting his dog harass homeless cats in the area. His mother has been cautioned by the police not to do this, yet her husband and son still keep their dog off the leash illegally and cause this to happen.

These people clearly feel that they have a right to harass and deprive humans and animals as they choose and be disrespectful of the law. They are unusually privileged and why they have such bizarre habits of attack is beyond me.

They have to be stopped.

Lauran Childs
Coral Gables
To the Editor:

I am in complete fear and agreement with Grant Miller’s article about the potential of a land grab at Matheson Hammock Park. I am hoping to hear from you that you will state clearly and unequivocally that you oppose this land grab and will keep West Matheson accessible by vehicles.

Ken Tannenbaum
Brickell Key

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