Reduce Stress While Having Fun at The Giving Tree

Now that The Giving Tree has reopened after a beautiful renovation, clients are enjoying visiting owner Joan Reitsma and taking classes to learn new skills.  For many clients, knitting not only provides a way to make unique handmade items for friends and family but also affords other benefits.  For one local CEO, knitting helped her endure countless hours in business meetings and hours traveling around the country.   For others, knitting acts as a way to stay on a diet, keeping one’s hands busy and away from the frig.  For the most creative, it offers an outlet for those artistic talents.  Of course, there are also those who knit for charitable projects.. caps for cancer patients, scarves for Click for the Cure, and more.  If there is a charity in need, you can bet The Giving Tree lives up to its name.

Coral Gables resident Lynn Bauer notes, “When Joan Reitsma learned of my recent trip to visit our orphanage in India, she donated enough needle craft projects for all the children in the orphanage without a second thought. But, that pales in comparison to the many acts of generosity she performs every day in our community.”

The Giving Tree, located at 248 Giralda Ave, in Coral Gables,  not only carries only the finest yarns  but also offers  an amazing assortment of collectibles such as Precious Moments and Jim Shore.  For those who enjoy gifts that make you laugh, there is a large selection of those as well as the more serious special occasion gifts, trendy cards and needlecrafts.
For directions or information on classes, call Joan at 305 445-3967.

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