St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral Presents: Christmas Under The Stars

“St. Sophia is very involved in the local community and we are continually wanting to increase our community outreach. Christmas Under the Stars is completely open to the public. We are excited to bring a joyous and festive dinner to the local community. Our incredible food and beverage sponsors (Ergon Greek Deli & Cuisine, Russian Standard, and Wynwood Brewing Company) are making this possible.”-  Co-Chair Helen Gonzalez-Braswell

Christmas Under the Stars- A Night at the Coral Gables Museum, is being held on Sunday, December 6th from 6-10 PM. Attendees will be able to experience the holiday inspired environment as they give back to support the charitable ventures of the Cathedral, using the funds to continue to increase their community outreach initiatives

Accompanied by live music and caroling children, dinner will be served in the loggia and courtyard of the Coral Gables Museum. Catering, provided by the sponsors, is sure to peak any of the guests viable palettes with a wide selection of items and open bar.

In addition to dinner, there will be a silent auction with incredible items including give away items from several national, statewide and local hotspots The Cathedral is proud to include items such as:

  • A one week stay in a Colorado luxury vacation home.
  • Artwork by the late renowned Italian artist Pino Daeni.
  • A gym membership at The Biltmore.
  • Brunch at La Mar located in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.
  • A champagne spa party.
  • 4 tickets to The Adrienne Arscht Ballet.
  • College application assistance with award-winning writers at The Write Essay.
  • Happy hour for ten people at Season’s 52.

Outside of the event, St. Sophia stands as an important part of the South Florida community that works to give back to every facet and individual since their inception, especially with its committed and hardworking committee.

The committee, comprised of dedicated volunteers Co-Chairs Dorothea Lantz , Helen Braswell Kakouris, and members Marina Angleton, Sheila Callesis, Alex Gonzalez-Kakouris, Meena Savvides and Lillian Sagebien makes great strides to ensure the success and community involvement in the Christmas Under the Stars Event working hard by promoting and enhancing the Cathedral for generations to come:

“St. Sophia has been an integral part of our South Florida community for over 70 years. Throughout that time, we have worked tirelessly to provide various types of aid to those who are most in need. Christmas Under the Stars…a night at the Coral Gables Museum has given us the opportunity to express our gratitude for the support we have received throughout the years. Individuals, corporations and restaurants from throughout the globe have come forward to sponsor what is sure to be a GLORIOUS evening filled with art, music, food and unsurpassed joy! I view our upcoming event as an opportunity to engage all South Floridians, regardless of faith, and celebrate the holiday season!”- Co-Chair Dorothea Lantz

Many members of the Church look forward to the event, such as Father Spiro D. Bobotas, Dean of the Saint Sophia Cathedral:

“Christmas under the Stars is the perfect opportunity to gather as a community and to welcome the advent season with the faith, hope and love which we find in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” – Father Spiro D. Bobotas

The Cathedral is best known for their continued involvement in the community, the committee’s philanthropy stems from its members of the committee and their personal connections to the Church:

“As a community this is an opportunity to welcome this sacred festive season and to concentrate on what is truly important, the love of our brothers and sisters. Christ’s commanded, to love your neighbor as yourself,  as the Dean of the Cathedral it is  my prayer that this event reminds us of this commandment and of the importance of this holiday, allowing us to take the spirit of Christmas with us to the community at large throughout the year.”  said Fr. Bobotas.

There are high hopes for the event’s turn out, and its ability to encourage the generosity of its attendees for a better future for the community.

So, we’d like to open our arms to welcome all members of the South Florida community, please buy your tickets for Christmas Under the Stars, for Sunday, December 6th today.

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