Stretch Marks, Unwanted Hair, Loose Skin? Find Your Ideal Laser Treatment With Dr. John Martin

As a facial cosmetic and plastic surgeon, I perform various facial procedures such as lifts, fillers, contouring, and resurfacing, which are all invasive in some capacity, but I have noticed a growing trend in patients coming in for our laser services. For the patient that is looking for non-surgical treatment of a variety of skin imperfections, lasers offer a wonderful alternative. Whether you are looking for a fresher face by Friday or want to turn back the clock on sun damaged skin, our various laser treatments will leave you looking rejuvenated and radiant.

One of the most popular treatments we offer is with the new deep micro-focused ultrasound because it targets and improves problem areas in just one session and requires no recovery.

Ulthera is most often used to tighten the deep tissues in the neck, jowls, and forehead and can also be used on the upper arms, chest, and abdomen. Patients come in for one session and in a few months they will see a significant tightening of the skin in the area treated.

Our office uses the first FDAapproved laser for the treatment of stretchmarks, which offers the solution everyone has been searching for. With just two to three sessions the laser will smooth out the area and improve the color of the marks to make them less visible.

To improve the appearance of a multitude of skin imperfections we have five different kinds of laser treatments, which can help with anything from severe acne scarring to loose skin and wrinkles. Another popular treatment is laser hair removal in which unwanted hair is permanently removed in five to eight sessions with gentle state-of-the-art light technology.

Unlike most laser hair removal that can be painful, the system we use features a super-cooled hand piece, which makes the procedure significantly more comfortable.

Laser treatments resolve many cosmetic issues in as little as a single treatment and can make a dramatic difference for facial imperfections. Results from laser treatment can be permanent with minimal touch-up treatments required to maintain the results.

Dr. John Martin received his medical degree at Harvard Medical School and is board certified in cosmetic and plastic surgery by the Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. He has received extensive training in the use of surgical lasers.

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