Student Spotlight- Mario Olivares

Student Spotlight- Mario Olivares


Recent Coral Gables high graduate Mario Olivares is attending the Miami-Dade Honors College while many of his friends are back to school at Gables.

Olivares is leaning toward a science major but is still looking at his options because he has a wide range of interests.

“I’ve found you can like things on the surface but when you get deeper…” he said.

For example, he spent much of his time at Gables working on the literary magazine and online news service. He also took creative writing courses but decided against majoring in creative writing.

At Gables, Olivares was in the Academy of Communication Arts, Film and Digital Media. He spent plenty of time after school helping his teachers and putting in time as editor-in-chief of the school’s online news.

“Originally I was in the literary magazine. My senior year, when the online news was going to start, I joined it,” he said. “My advisor for creative writing, they asked her to do it and she started recruiting. I got really into it. It was fun; we started over the summer. We were brand new.”

The starting group had to decide how to go about offering the online news service and who did what. They decide to do stories about everything relevant to the school, including items on things like field day, club happenings and even field trips.

One thing he learned in his years doing creative writing and journalism at Gables is that he prefers structured writing.

“I like right and wrong answers. My math teacher, who was the yearbook advisor, she’s brilliant when it comes to English. I asked why she taught math. She said because there is a right answer and a wrong answer,” he said.

Olivares said, however, there is something about understanding a complicated process that gives him a good feeling.

— Linda Rodriguez Bernfeld

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